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23 August, 2011

With My Whole Heart Thanks!!

I obtained my Zumba 1, 2 and Zumbatomic licenses and now I am an official Zumba instructor. Yey~~~ {I have all my friends' and family's blessing with me the whole time... and, yeah, you know, my dear hubby baby-sitted 3 children all the way in Napa for 3 days just so I can be closer to them while I had my training in Fairfield!! ^O^}

However, even thought now I am an official Zumba instructor, it doesn't mean I am going to teach or stop going to my mentor, my Zumba instructor's class. In fact, after I completed those training, it only inspires me how much effort and time you have to put into practice to be a good Zumba instructor. No matter what style he/she is, no matter if he/she has dancers background, it certainly needs a lot of commitment to be responsible to your students and to fellow instructors who seeks inspiration while they attending another instructors' classes. {*Kudos* to all the Zumba instructors out there and around the world!!} 

{Thank you, Jennifer and Wendy. Good luck to your Zumba teacher career!!} 



Hubby isn't an epicure at all, therefore he doesn't fancy those 3 stars Michelin restaurants. {Although I really wanted to go Michelin star restaurants in Downtown Napa. lol} Good thing is there are a lot of nice casual dining options in Napa without leaving you a big, fat check. Here is one good Thai restaurant- Mini Mango!!

Green Papaya salad.

Short spareribs

Grilled squid Salad

Pad Thai 

Wide noodles in Thai sweet chili sauce 

Chocolate Wonton with ice cream n' raspberry puree 

A little souvenir of monogrammed coaster for me and hubby. 

Nothing beats a nice photo to mesmerize the happy moment forever!!



Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Rachel, this is awesome news, congrats on getting your Zumba instructor certificate! This might be so exciting :))

Mona P said...

Rachel, BIG congrats to you! You've done well!

Chanello said...

My BF wasn't an epicurean when we first met, but going to The French Laundry changed his mind. It is a 4 hour mini vacation from reality where the whole concept of eating changes. Try it. It's life changing.

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, girls. Your mental support is much needed!!!

Hi, Chanello, I sure want to take DH to one of Michelin restaurant.. such as Joel Robochon and Guy Savory... ^O^ and thanks to your "remind" I read your post to DH and that quite working in his mind already. ^O^


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