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25 August, 2011

2011 A/W Trend Elements!!

The influx of emails from the shopping sites and new season's trends' alert almost paralyze my mail box. I mean, I almost have to delete at least 50 mails everyday just so I can read the rest of seem-to-be relatively important emails. {No, I certainly don't like seeing even 1 email alert which reminds me I might omit something important. } Well, is there something like "information left-out panic" phrases exist? I probably will be diagnosed with such syndrome if it does exist. lol I have CNN appl. on my iPhone and it gives "big news" alert everyday which makes me feel that I am not being left-out from the world or be such an illiterate myself. 

Anyway, I was talking on the phone with my friend, Isabel, the other day that how she decided to sell some of her old/past season clothes and how to "get inspired" by me!! Well, she said, she should be like me, wearing newly-bought clothes right away in the future in case she even forgets that she had that piece. Then, she should wear every single piece in her closet at least once every season to make full use of them. As far as her plan is concern, it sounds flawless and I am sure she needs a lot of inspiration from me from now on.... lol. 

Here is what I came up with from my past season clothes which def. can walk me into this fall trend fabulously. Hopefully, you might as well get more ideas when recycling or restyling from your wardrobe. 

Element 1: Sheer, or see-through whatever shirt or leggings or skirt.... { make sure your underpants/bras is cute as well.. ^O^}

Element 2: Pendent necklace 

Element 3: Wide leg jeans {this is forever fabulous piece}

Element 4: platform heels.....



pic. source (hyperlink)

Element 5: Satin .... something 

Element 6: forest green

Element 7: a nice tailored shirt 

Element 8: leopard .. {never enough} 
I altered this satin green dress and bottom Dolce Vita jegging into ONE-PIECE Jumper!!

{I am very tired of the satin dress and the bottom jegging but couldn't bear the thoughts of feeling pity if I throw them away so I have my seamstress sew them together.}

{Now this one-of-a-kind jumper is very convenient and I don't have to worry about how to tuck the shirt in seamlessly}

Pic. source (hyperlink)

Dig in your closet and have fun. 
xo Rachel 

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