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19 August, 2011

How About A Take-out Pajamas to Napa!!?

I am going to take Zumba 2 along with Zumbatonic for kids instructor training this weekend in Fairfield. {Wish me luck!!} This time, the distance is even farther than my last time training so I decided to spend couple nights in Napa with my family. It will make more sense to drive from Napa to Fairfield which only takes 30 mins instead of driving from where I live, Cupertino, to Fairfield. While my family will be bathing under the Napa sun, and playing in the pool, I will be sweating doing Zumba from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM for two days. {I think I will enjoy myself partying with other Zumba instructors too.}

Therefore, I assume I won't need much dressy clothes other than work-out outfits. So here is what I came up with... air-light clothes which I can just tuck them all in my Alaia gigantic tote. ^O^ {No, not shoes, they are way too heavy.} 


This really is a pajama pair but I figure I can also wear them out for supper!! ^O^
Top, bottom pants and "Nine lives" cat's eye sunglasses all from Anthropologie

 Past season but classic black and white clothes jazzed up with new accessories.
Top: Anne Fountain sleeveless blouse with Jaguar links, leather collar with beads, Anthropologie wooden platform, TOGA black and leopard two sides tights 


Try some stylish pajamas which you totally can wear them out!!
xoxo Rachel 


Skylar Magazine said...

Those are Pajamas? Those would be great for me, because I love wearing pj's out in public, and I get a lot of stares. Thanks for the tip.


litlstrawberry said...

Ha, Skylar, for a lot of youngsters, they don't care at all. ^^ You are one of them.

YOu have a cute blog.
xo Rachel


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