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Make It Work!! Isn't that the State of The Art For Fashion Trend!!!

Yes, I would think if you flip through most runway fashion magazines, you would be inspired w/ awe.  


Cause' every piece seems work out together just fine...oh, not just fine, it is nearly fabulous looking......on models. :P

People constantly ask me if that's ok to wear socks w/ peeptoe heels, mary-jane, sandal heels......etc. and as a matter of fact, I LOVE that style ever since I had memory.  ^O^ The only challenge is what kind of socks you choose to go w/ it!!
Sheer metallic socks w/ sandal heels. 

Burberry Possum plays a lot socks w/ sandals platform since last spring.

Isn't the lace knee wraps fun!!


Christopher Kane's S/S 10 collection uses lots of gingham patterns. 
Do you think you can still find your grand mom table clothes or old dress to update its look a bit!!? 

Nothing not to love about those light fabric... so romantic.

 Louis Vuitton (RIGHT) plays w/ such intensive patterns n' different cuttings of clothes..... fun!!

We see tutu skirt n' shirt dress quite a lot these couple seasons.

Isn't that dino. adorable!! I want ONE!! :)

hum... I think that shoulder coat is quite useful when it rains. ^O^

Monday I stayed home the whole day and out of nowhere I want to make pancakes for breakfast for my kids. 

Aren't those cutest molds.

BTW, I put wrong sides of planet n' sun pancakes molds so those two shapes didn't come out great.
You have to put the metal bar side UP like I did for MOON.  There I figured after couple batches.... 
so stupid of me..haha...

Didn't I tell you Abby (aka. Heidi) is mad whenever she is hungry. 
hha...there she goes again!! :P

Normally, DH gets up early to walk Niel to school while I am still drooling in the dream!!! 


My defense?

Yes, I still have a little daughter stays at home w/ me, so plenty of rest/sleep is all I am asking for a day to start!!!

Today's ODJ.  
Totally past seasons pieces from my wardrobe.

1. Top:  
  • Max & Co. brown glittered shirt 
  • Ralph Lauren brown leather vest
2. Bottom: Donna Hsu metallic brown full skirt (Taiwan designer)

I don't want the outfit looks too serious so I simply carry my owl plastic zipper purse bought at Borders bookstore. :P

Polka dot sheer socks w/ YSL 2009 fall runway booties 

I use MAC orange blush, Laura Mercier gold/black eyeliner on lower eye n'  around the corner.

Chanel 08' star brooch, vintage gold bamboo brown leather belt, fur collar, my DIY stranded necklace.

Finally I put that fur collar in good use!!!

See you tomorrow!!!


janettaylor said…
Ur look is fantastic! :-)

P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the Three Birds Designs giveaway!♥

Good luck!

Elise said…
Habe to say, I'm loving that tutu dress - what a great idea !
I agree with what you have to say about the shoes + socks trend - one needs to choose tehir socks carefully when going for this look.

Cuuuute pancake shapes!! I'm sure the kids didn't notice your mistake lol

Love your outfit, you look so polished!
Mona P said…
You look so effortless, love the whole look!
susanh98 said…
oh i'm really liking the metallic sheer socks. actually all of them ;)
Your DH is so sweet to let you sleep in. Mine does too on weekends since I have to get up early to make lunch for my son to bring to school on weekdays and also serve breakfast. oh well at least i have weekends. hahaha.
Love your outfit!!!
Nice outfit R! Great use of your existing accessories. Haha...socks with peeptoe heels, maryjanes, sandal heels....hmm....that made me think you know. Aside from what kinds of socks you choose to go with the shoes, the one who wears it needs to know too if this sock-thing is suitable for her legs. U see, this style will only look beautiful if you have long lean legs (like yours), if the legs /calves are on the "fat"/"chubby" side, oh well, this style won't look good at all, esp. with short skirts/knee length like yours. I always say that you're so blessed because it's hard to rock socks w/ peeptoes/mjs/sandals! For those who are "not so blessed", better not try this unless she has lots of guts!! Of course, can try cropped pants too which is just a little above the socks so as not to show too much flesh. Oh well, always so much limitations for those "not so blessed" ones....LOL!

Aha...your pancakes inspired me to make some for Mason tomorrow!

BTW, I'm kind of often do you stay home with your kids? Or you always take Ilona out and just shop with her in the dept stores? For me, I'm most of the time with Mason in the classroom in the morning, then go to parks with him in the afternoon after his nap for him to do some healthy exercises and run around. I tried taking Mason to "shop" with me....disaster. He can't stand it!! He starts taking all those shoes from the rack and throwing putting them to different places....LOL!

Have a nice week!

Savvy Gal said…
Stylish as ever. I like the idea of tutu dress or skirt but I keep on thinking it's my niece's fav trend. hm.... maybe too young.
LS said…
I love how you put the fur collar with the leather vest! I thought it was one piece!
Those pancakes look so cute, I'm glad that your kids enjoyed them :)
shockboogie said…
The orange blush looks great on you!

Also, I still have yet to try the socks with sandals trend. I know I've tried it awhile ago but then I didn't think they looked good on my legs and made me look stubby and short. I'll make another attempt sometime soon though. Thanks for the inspiration!
Thanks for the honest comment:) I love it when people are not afraid to say what they think. And yes, Polyvore is taking over my life! I'll stop... haha:) I

I love reading fashion magazines and seeing what the models are wearing. However, when I go out to buy things like that, they just don't look right on me. You have to have the body to be able to wear the clothes that models are able to wear. Which you do have... and well, I'm working on that;)

Also, what sunglasses are you wearing? They look this like Chloe pair but I'm not quite certain.

Sorry to ramble. Have a good night!

litlstrawberry said…
Thank you, Janettaylor.
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, the thanks-giving girl: Yes, sometimes being brave is not a bad thing and we all learn from our mistakes.....I know the days when I had ugly clothes on ..... haha...

Oh, yah, I am going to make those cute pan cakes this weekend again. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Thank you, Mona, for your sweet compliment.
litlstrawberry said…
hah..Susan: I probably am BAD in this to ask DH send kids to school....I guess because I always compliant about lack of sleep when the days I didn't sleep well......then I would be grumpy all day then DH finally gets it. Let me sleep and he will do the driving to school thing. (The thing is Niel has to be at school at 8AM sharp and by 9 for Heidi (flexible since she goes to private) so I guess DH should wake up early and go to work at the same time. hehehe.... Well, I am not sleeping till 10, I still wake up around 8 to 9 ..... it is just I need my morning routine for beauty regime before I actually go OUT. :P

I am glad you are very discipline mom and your DH is so sweet to let you rest more on the weekends. You two work well great!!!!!
litlstrawberry said…
I don't stay home w/ kids unless it is pouring outside... or playdate. I invited Cathy, Pei and Yu to my house on Monday and that's the day I don't do make-up and don't go out since they stay until 6 PM at my house.

Now I seldom take Ilona to the park only when during the weekends we are somewhere and there is one near by. Our Kinder school is 30 sec. by our house so DH often take them there in the morning while waiting for me to get done dressing-up before we go out together on the weekends. It is just I am DONE the stage of taking kids to park and force myself to go home to let Ilona take her nap....considering I have done w/ the other two. I won't say it is not fair to Ilona since she gets the most attention among 3 and I take her everywhere w/ me even to Pairs. I only go home to let her nap during weekdays because I can then do my blog otherwise we are out the whole day especially the weekends.

You know, I need to adjust my life when having 3 kids and I must say that's double the work of for having only 1 or 2 kids....Say I have stayed home for Niel, Heidi (Abby) and Ilona for almost 6 years and I had come up a better schedule for all of us and not letting myself burned out!! :)

I am happy for you since Mason is smart and you only have him right now so he gets the best care from you, your DH, family.
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Savvy girl: you know, I would say one or two layers of tutu mini skirt is not so bad even for us pass 30s. hehe...
litlstrawberry said…
Thank you, dear. (LS)
You can get fur collar anywhere and have fun w/ it w/ almost every outfit. :)
litlstrawberry said…
I know, Rox, sometimes our perspective is different from others. You know, at the very beginning, DH thought they are funny looking but after awhile or I should say constantly torturing by me style that way, he gets used to it and then till he likes it (well, I assume. :P)) Isn't that the trick of all the advertising!!?

Oh, I am sure w/ your thin n' pretty legs, those will look fabulous on you!!!!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, fashionfirst Julia: Yes, they are Chole. 3 of my friend's bought it and ours is dark brown. There is a website sold Havana (lighter brown) on sale for only $129.

I still believe you need to try it before any conclusion comes in. :p
Great outfit... I love those browns on you! I'm liking some of the SS10 trends, and others not so much. I think the socks will work if they're sparkly or embellished. The Burberry thick socks worked for the runway look, but if anyone wore that IRL, I think I'd probably laugh ;-) LOVE the tutu dresses and skirts though!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

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