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23 January, 2010

Girls Night Out fun + My Vintage Buy! (Part II)

Errr.......what's the color of that tight?!! Like a Iguana.. Ha~

Last year's treasure hunting of Vintage buy: Christian Dior blouse alternating to one-shouldered blouse!!

Do you know what's so special about that quilted cropped jacket?!

Here is WHY!!! 

I'd tell you a history of United State! 
Do you know Millard Fillmore?



He was not only the 13th president of the United States but he was also considered the "Father of Contemporary Sportswear." ... The complete story/history began back in 1848, when Zachary Taylor, the old hero fresh from victory in Mexico, was named by the Whigs for President, Millard Fillmore was named for Vice-President. ...

Anyway, I bought that little cropped jacket yesterday at second hand store for $22. It is a designer piece but I know nothing about Millard Fillmore therefore I did a research of it. I adore the quilted patches n' the deep blue sea color very much then surprisingly, I can also learn more about the history of United States. ha.....~ 

We girls had a blast at Pampas in Palo Alto last night. We probably ate the whole weeks portion of protein n' iron from all the meat. :)

This is Yu in her own retro look.

Yesterday was one of us' birthday too!!!

They serves the hottest hot sauce!!

That's how they serve you the meat!! ....... Oh, not the whole skew.....they'd cut pieces for you at the table as you like!! :)

A group of Forever 25!! (I think I sweat when claiming that!!!!!! ha hah ahhaa......)

Have a great weekend.....we are going to see OVO show w/ kids tomorrow in SF city!!
How exciting!! ^O^


~S~ said...

i love the way u dress !!
i dont knw how to follow u :S its just am new in blogger u knw XD

Betsy C. said...

Rachel - Pei sounds like an excellent friend to have! She shares all the good things that makes a good friendship great! I have been impressed with your redo of the vintage Dior shirt and was hoping that you'd find another piece again this season to do another re-do project. :D

The pictures from Pampas look like tons of fun. Everyone looks fantastic, esp with a mix of Yu's retro look and Pei's classy black/white/pearl look.

Hope you had a great weekend!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Betsy:
so I heard that Sophie doesn't want to take her nap? hah.... how old is she now? almost 3? She might be too excited to waste the time for a nap ...haha..

yah, I saw couple of fun clothes but since spring is here I thought I might go for a NEWer look. I saw a white Gucci blazer which is original retailed for $1600 but they ask for $380 ... grr.... anyway, I pass it since I already have white blazer from Elisabeth n' James so there is really no need for another one.... well...REALLY? I am asking myself too!!!! hahahahaha..

Yes, if you are a carnival like me, you really should try that place since they have either buffet style $44 w/ unlimited salad bar or entree for you to choose from, either way you won't be disappointed. Oh, not kids friendly since the whole night I didn't see ONE child. @@

yap, pei dressed especially for that night. We went home around 12 Am but chat in the car until 1 or 1:30..... I think I went to sleep around 2:30 Am then I think I felt I had a jeglag the whole day. hahahah...


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