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08 July, 2010

In the Clouds!!

Yeah, sometimes I'd love to have my head's in the clouds just so I can replenish myself w/ some random or ridiculous thoughts. ^^

But NOT today!

Cathy dropped by this morning to pick up her "gifts" from me.  I am feeling extra saucy and surely does her in her sassy pants.


Blue Life: Dancing Queen pants in Vintage Black.

Cathy thinks my skin looks radiant after my vacation. I think I must have done something right since I did't carry umbrella when I was in Taipei but my face didn't pop up MORE freckles. ( I have some on my nose.)

Someone asks me if I use Clarisonia's cleanser w/ the brushes?!!

I do and I alternately using La Prairie's foam cleanser to get bubbles going on my face too!

For blockinig UVA and UVB, I use Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer SPF 20, NIA 24 miniral sunblock SPF 30 and La Roche Posay SPF 60. (yeah, I know, sounds scary,...but it works. ) 



I have Bobbie brown black eyeliner and Benefit eye bright pencil, JK (Target) navy eyeliner highlighted at lower eyeliner to pop up my eyes. 



Again, Cathy comments on my ensemble as Modern Geisha. ^O^ I guess I intentionally thinks I look like one as the gray cardigan is a mimic of "wide cloth belt" on Geisha!!!!


1. Top:

  • RUGBY tank w/ brim
  • Limedrop cloud cardigan
2. Bottom:
Tory Burch water wash super skinny jeans

3. Accessory:
  • Gray Splendid cardigan (as accessory here...)
  • Gold string earrings
  • J Crew rose gold tassel necklace
  • Chanel matte black 226 reissue
  • Karen Walker Gee Gee sunglasses
4. Shoes:
Christian Louboutin pinkish/gold 70 calf wedge 

I button UP and miss buttoned to make drappy looks.



I know, too much of me here....

Wash your face throughly, put on serum and then lock up all the moisture w/ some cream before you go to bed. 

Have a pretty face in the morning. 
xoxo Rachel


Black is the New Black said...

your skin is so amazing!!

Sanaa said...

Hi Rachel, I always wondered what you use for your face as it is perfect. thanks for sharing. What other products from La Prairie do you use and have you tried using sisley cosmetics before?

Thanks Sanaa

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, *Rachel*, your skin looks perfect too. ^^ (feel like talking to myself...haha..)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Sanaa:

Nop, my skin is not perfect but it LOOKS like it. :P

I use La Prairie's deep cleaning Mask (it is like a clay) and sometimes switch to its other mask for sensitive skin. I also tried some of their caviar product and they all are amazing but now I only stick w/ its caviar eye complex and a gold brim cap face cream which just come out not long ago (forgot the name of it).

I ues Sisley-Paris Confort Extreme Day Cream, floral lotion during the day (for its no alcohol) and DDF toner at night to lightening and resurfacing my skin.

I think from my experience, you have to use both high end brand skin product w/ pharmaceutical product for its more active ingredients to be penetrated into your skin. So I also use NIA 24, DDF, and Chantecaille alternatively for day and night. You want some product works to it best benefit during the night and switch to some other brand during the day.

susanh98 said...

i use the clarisonic religiously too because it makes my skin feel cleaner. Indeed your skin looks very good i may have to try some of your beauty regime products. I'm running out of creams so I need to buy new ones and I always like to change it up. I was using Shu uemura and Laura mercier. I was thinking of trying Sisley or Chantecaille...which one do you like better? I have very sensitive skin so I am careful to use strong products. Any suggestions? Thanks :)
Btw, are those brands cheaper here in taiwan? or should i get them when i get back to the US?

litlstrawberry said...

HI, Susan:
My friend, Yu and Cathy have the most sensitive skin among my friends and they both also use Chantecaille. (some products)

Now my skin regime is mostly from Chantecaille, Sisley, La Prairie, DDF, Is Clinical (their product contains high Vitamin C) and NIA 24 which I aforementioned. I also like Chantecaille's serum, the one w/ Aburtin as lightening agent. As for the day cream, I am using their floral harmony cream which has great aroma too. During the night, I switch to Sisley's Comfort extreme which I blend w/ a tap of Burt's bee's intensive serum (for flattening out my wrinkles..hahah..). I found that you almost have to work high end product w/ pharmaceutical products such as DDF and NIA 24.....etc. which has more active ingredients into your daily skin routines for the optimal result.

You can also try NIA 24 sunblock mixing w/ Laura Mecier's tinted moisturizer to make your skin look "radiant"!! ^^ I never tried BB CREAM and I probably will never do. BB cream is so popular in Asia and it works great as sunblock and good coverage of spots on your face (Pei likes it). But since I already found the best combination for my skin, I don't think I need to switch to something else. ^^

If you don't like heavy/rich cream, give Chantecallie a try of their harmony cream. We don't have this brand in Taiwan (do we?) but you can buy Sisley in the airport which is the cheapest!!


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