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21 August, 2009

Is Fall Here Yet? Trench Coat, Leather Bomber Jacket, Scarf, And Hat, Bring them On!!

Ok, I definitely didn't wear those ensembles OUT today. However, I did wear whatever underneath those hats, scarves, and jackets. It is just suddenly I have an urge of playing dress-up of myself for fall and also discover what else I need to HAVE to update my look. :)

Tomorrow, I will have my acting class in SF city as usual and I think it is my turn to shot some scenes. :) That will be fun!!

There are too many kinds of clothes I want for fall to update the look so I think I will model them when the time comes. Meanwhile, one particular item I know I won't spend a dime on buying is "shirts", no matter that is checkered shirts, fitted shirts, or over-sized boyfriend shirts....etc. I can simply can utilize all the shirts I had over the years to have the similar look for this fall trend. :)

1) Casual look w/ a Luxury twist of Velvet element!

1. Top:
  • Hugo Boss pink shirt
  • Max & Co. purple velvet shirt/coat
  • Natural Beauty Basic black trench coat
2. Bottom:
True religion low rise flare distressed jeans (I made the cuffs to update the look)
3. Accessory:
  • Mustard beret
  • purple/brown/gray extra long scarf
  • purple socks
  • micro-suede brown belt
  • Lanvin leopard sac
4. Shoes:
Boss navy/suede taupe mary-jane heels

Black short trench coat gives a more elegant look.

2) Always classic: Leather Jacket.

Nicholas k. brown bomber leather jacket gives a chic look.

I was sweating like hell there...
Hope you girls feel as entertained when reading my blog as myself!! :P hahahahah...

3) Jean jacket w/ fur trim: always fun n' young!

  • Betsy Johnson wool hat
  • H&M extra long scarf
  • Jean Jacket w/ fur trim

Boss moss green platform boots w/ tie

I am so fond of the fur trim against the purple velvet shirt!! I just love the luxury feel of fur + velvet!!

W/O Jeans jacket, plain velvet

Valentino patent taupe sling back heels w/ bow

4) Shirt, how I don't need more shirts this fall!!!

1. Top:
Natural Beauty basic black short trench
yellow pin strip shirt
J Crew fuchsia cardigan
2. Bottom:
Ralph Lauren cargo pants
3. Accessory:
Scarf from Paris
Chanel 08 star rhinestone brooch
Banana Republic (for man) gray belt
4. Shoes:
Christian Louboutin metallic gold/pink wedge

My friend, Cathy gave me this shirt. I can't even find the brand of it! lol

2 back sides has black lace trim, all the bottoms are cross shaped and a big green embroidery cross at back.

Yellow + Fuchsia are so eye-catching!!!

Stussy black cotton jacket

Silver decor., princess puff shoulder and full lining inside give this simple jacket an unexpected trendy and young look.

w/ Valentine taupe sling back heels

5) The right outfit under the scorching sun. (yesterday)

1. TOP:
  • Kain label tank
  • William B. shirt
  • J crew pink cardigan
2. Bottom: tiered mini floral skirt
3. Shoes:
  • Stella Luna zebra print w/ bow flat
  • Chloe taupe tall boots
4. Accessory:
Chanel 09 coral Valentine's flap w/ charms
fresh water pearls necklace w/ Swarovski crystals

Ok, I think I am done "pretending" for now. It is too HOT!! ha ha ha...

........................Have a fun weekend!.............................

Most of the clothes you never saw me model it before such as Black trench coat, jean jacket w/ fur trim, shirt, Stussy jacket .....etc. and I am considering either donate or sell them on ebay in the future.

However, if you are interested in buying, please email me. :)
I am not making any profit here, I simply think those are wonderful designed clothes and I'd love to sell to whoever fits them. :)


Julia said...

so many eye candies!

i remember that mustard color beret. I have one too. bought it after seeing yours.

your colorful outfits lights up Fall/winter.

Julia said...

my favorite is Nicholas k. brown bomber leather with beret and happy sac.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Julia:

I just got back from my acting class..... it was fun and I am so nerves when shoting ...oh, well, it is a great therapy for me I guess...speaking of English is not my mother tongue. :0

Oh, yeh, you have the beret...I love my beret and I love yours on you too. I always think a right hat would give any woman a mysterious look/attitude overall. hehe...

Thanks, girl. I think I am happy w/ two of the leather jackets I had for now. Although I so want to get a super soft/slouchy one to update my look...then again, it is just a little vain hiding inside of me. hahaha...

Sweetberry said...

Hi! Greetings from Singapore. I have being reading your blog and I love it. After reading your chanel buys, I went to get myself one black and one white chanel bag ! I love them so much. I am now looking for a chanel swimsuit but i cant seem to find them. Do you know where I can get them ? Thanks !

litlstrawberry said...

hi, sweetberry:
wow, a white and a black Chanel bags are awesome!!!

Hum...Chanel swimsuit. Sexy!!!! :)
You probably should to go boutiques (or call the one in Beverly hill) and major departments which carry Chanel RTW to check it out. I think the summer is almost over and you might even get it on sale....Good luck!!!!

Michael St. James said...

the outfit with the scarf, purple socks, and distressed jeans is so Carrie Bradshaw...i LOVE it!!!

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Mike. :) I wish I had her shes collection in the movies. hah..

Julia said...

Hi Rachel,

you are so active. i wish i could go to some classes, better yet, the same class you go to. :)

acting class sounds so much fun. it seemed you met some interesting people there (i saw some pictures you posted previously).

i remember the comment you left for my mustard/yellow beret outfit posted on tpf last winter. haha...

hope everything is well,


Oliver Dreher said...


sorry that I speak to them on this page

may I please ask you a question to the blue velvet shirt would be nice if they disks


Oliver Dreher said...


sorry that I speak to them on this page

may I please ask you a question to the blue velvet shirt would be nice if they disks


Rachel Cheng said...

Hi Oliver,
The velvet shirt is past season from Max & Co.

Karla Bathrick said...

Looking gorgeous! your jacket is Owsum I really luv this look...
mens fitted leather jackets


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