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25 August, 2009

Miss Me Red! Miss Christian Louboutin Maroon! Red is Such a Classic Color!!

I have a confession!!!

I bought a pair of Christian Louboutin sling back heels in Maroon today. They are too gorgeous to pass. Besides, when I tried them on, the SA works at cosmetics counter had to come over to the shoe salon to give me her compliments. lol Then, there I surrendered to my vanity troll and brought the baby home!!!!

The patent maroon color on heels is exactly the same as my toe nails. For that matter, I even went to get 3 different shades of polish just so my toes nail color would compliment w/ the maroon CL sling back heels better in the future. :) We'll see then!!!!

Christian Louboutin Cathy 100 Metal patent sling back heels.

My friend, Yu, told us that people can also tell your age from the count of wrinkles of your ankles. Geez, from now on, I will apply the cream as thick as possible to hide my age then. :P

Pardon my tend to be red feet. (the lighting is so bad. ;P)

This is another CL heels I tried but didn't get it. I think it is too similar to my Alexander McQueen square toe heels for both of them are black satin!!!

I wore my Y-3 red sheer dress again. The difference this time is that I try to make the dress even more fun w/ those knee high socks. They are so trendy this f/w, on the runway of Marni, D&G, Dsquared2, Mission.....etc. they are everywhere. I think I am going to buy some more to play w/ them.

Y-3 black cropped jacket has such crisp wrinkle effect. It has two pockets on, one is on the shoulder, another is on the chest!

My son goes to Kindergarten now so only girls in the shot today.

Faith Connexion black cotton dress w/ angle pattern inside the Y-3 sheer dress.

This red dress is eye-catching in person but somehow it is hard to catch its detail on the pic. I pull up then pull down the knee high socks to see which style compliments the dress better.....
the result?!! I don't know, what do you think?!!!!! lol

This is such a cliche' pose but DH says this is the only pic. that shows what exactly I paired inside. :)


Purse Addict said...

Yay...I LOVE new CLs :) Good choice!!

dos3n said...

I have been following your blog, i love your style! I like how you play with colors and is not afraid to dress up even with 3 kids around you. You gave me inspiration to dress up and wear heels now, it does make me feel better when i put on pretty clothes :). I am a mom in bay area as well, seems like we visit the same places sometimes, maybe we will run into each other one day. Can't wait to see what amazing outfits you will come up with soon!

litlstrawberry said...

Oh, Jenny:
I have not tried new CL (very Prive) w/ "little rubber band" at ankle .... Did you try? Are they working well to stop heels slipping off ?? Hum....interesting!!!
Thanks, little CL queen!!!! :)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, dos3n:
hah...I am happy to hear from a friend "near-by" like you. You know, I think I might become paranoid from now on if there is a girl/mom staring or smiling at me....I might think she knows me either from purseforum or here my blog. haha..

Sure, next time, if you pump into me, please let me know. We might be shy at first but w/ the same interets (for fashion/kids...), girls never get bored w/ each other. hahahahah... right?!!!!

isabel said...

Hi Rachel -

Gorgeous heels!! They look like candy-apple, so yummy.... Which bag did you carry today?

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Wow R! Congrats on your new pair of CL! I tried this color (and another color like a metallic taupe/camel) 2 months ago and I so love it. They are actually very very comfortable (at least for my feet which are a bit "fragile"). Nice choice! Oh well, I want save a bit and wait till my Paris trip next month to buy my CLs let's see what stocks there are in Paris. Hope to buy a pair of water snake, 2 pairs of patent, a pair of glitter and maybe a pair of booties. (BTW, do you have your Chloe gray boots style number and size information? I want to try them when I'm in Paris too to see if the shaft circumference is wide enough for my legs...:D)

And love your "peek-a-boo" red dress with the print inside. Your sheer black Y3 bolero is very versatile as well. Nice pairing with the socks (yes you should buy more knee socks with different prints and lengths as you can rock them very well with heels)! So street-smart!

Oh...I haven't updated my blog for so many weeks!! I've been busy with parents orientation meetings and also "preparing" the pictures for my big reveal tomorrow. Stay tuned!


litlstrawberry said...

Hum...Isabel: I forgot...that's why I didn't post it...maybe I only grabbed my wallet...haha.... which bag do you think would go well then?

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Mia: I will try to find that tomorrow...I just read this today Sept. 1st. oops...


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