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02 August, 2009

Dim Sum Time, Summer Gray!!

It has been a while since the last time we family dine Dim
Sum together. For me, I like dim sum but hate to eat
too much of dough. So I always order shrimp dumpling,
pork ribs...etc. sort of dishes. However, I still need my
carbs. I personally prefer coffee cake to stop my
sweet teeth craving once and for all (day)...haha.....

I browsed a book

"Chicks don't eat salad!!"
once in Borders bookstore
and I think that book makes great sense about how do we
cheat our "adrenaline" when eating and feel satisfied in the
brain in order to lose weight


1. TOP:
  • Free people neon yellow tulle top
  • Zara gray waist coat
  • billa Bong gray tassel vest
2. BOTTOM: J brand gray skinny jeans
  • Fellon cross/crystal/cone necklace
  • Batucada eco plastic bracelet from Paris
  • Chanel 08 black Rodeo Drive large bag
4. SHOES: Fornarina black heels w/ bow at back

Everyone is doing funny poses.
Hum...I should ask my son to tone up his abdominal more and have the shoot again when he is at least 17-year-old. haha....

I love the side view of my creative look...the fringe and the peplum back.

My DH and I just talked about that we are about to enjoy each meal when dine out while kids growing up and behave better w/ better table manners!!!!!!

Just in case you don't know about the GIVE AWAY, here is the pic. of the Batucada white eco plastic bracelet I am giving away to YOU!!! They are even nicer when wearing together - better contrast!! :P

Come on, follow me and email me that you like it!!

You have one week till Aug. 9th.


Liz W said...

I love that bracelet!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Liz: Sure. You just enter the GIVEAWAY!! :)

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Oh R! Loving the layering effect of your 2 vests! Brilliant!'s so eye-soothing to see layering in the correct proportion. Not everyone can do that. You're a genius.

But you know who's the star of the pix? Abby! Her polka dot dress is so chic with the boots! She's going to be a great model! Hehehehe!


litlstrawberry said...

hah...Michelle: thanks.
You know, I just checked Niel and Abby's weight...they both weight the same and now I am starting worried......Abby is one year younger than Niel....and not mention she is shorter. well....well...well...I guess I will keep my hope on Ilona instead. haha...just kidding!!

White Lily said...

Dim Sum-ing is one of my favorite activities!

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Lily: yup, they are yummy....again, the dough part is evil...haha..


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