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11 August, 2009

Outfit For Every Occassion!

These days, I am thinking of renovating our TINY walk-in closet and comparing all the possible options. I still can't make my mind whether custom-made closets or modular closets from Organized Living would meet better w/ both my budget and the style I want. Speaking of home improvement, it will always be an on-going project in my house. lol

After all, I want my family feel HOME, my friends feel welcome, and I feel proud about myself w/ all the efforts I put in.

I had couple ensembles over the past couple days and I assume it is fun to see all of them when putting all together in one post. :)


French connection purple blouse, Linda Loudermilk organic bamboo big shoulder/ asymmetrical jacket

Mini brass disc necklace, Chloe orange Sally, Max&Co. taupe w/ roses belt!

Socks w/ Marni platform heels!


Gray cropped shirt, purple/Tsesay burgundy harem pants, turquoise sandals, Marc Jacob taupe MIKA bag, Fellon necklace

custom-made semi-precious stone ring

Man made WCM Black studded belt, BaTucada eco plastic bracelet


Max&Co. jean halter dress, BCBG taupe ruffle vest, Jean paul cabazat metallic silver heels, Steve by Steve madden metallic silver w/ ruffle trim belt, Chanel 09 matte white reissue 227, Chanel 09 black bows w/ cc logo dangle earrings.

I don't know why I looked all cheered up in this pic. hah...

I think I even dream about my script when practicing my monologue these, I probably shouldn't be this pushy about myself...haha....I probably should just focus on taking care of my family, cooking, ........ shopping and all that..... I probably should forget about the acting class..... Oh, well....
Nay!!! I like challenges, very much, as a matter of fact. And I like having fun!! :)


Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi R!! I love all of your ensembles! All so different and well accessorized! I'm always drooling over your Max & Co taupe belt with roses...I remember you have 2 colors of this belt right? I really like them very much.

Actually, today, I was wearing something like your 2nd outfit with the loose gray cropped top and the burgundy harem pants! Only that mine is a satin magenta cap sleeves loose cropped top and black
"semi" harem-like cropped pants...and I wore them with CL heels in black with gold heels. Hehehe! I have taken some pictures of my ensemble but I'm only going to show them at my upcoming reveal thread coz I wore them with some new Chanel items. :P

BTW, don't give up acting class. I think it's really a good exposure and relaxation. I think that you have good time management, so you are more than qualified to take care of your family, shopping, cooking plus acting! So, you're doing monologues now? Monologue is so much harder than having a fellow actor to talk to....but it's the best way to discover your acting talent and inner-self...hehe! Have fun!

P.S. Oh...I want to ask you about your Stella Luna black gladiator sandals. I'm starting to like it..LOL! How much did you buy it in Taipei may I ask? Coz I want to compare the prices between Taipei, Macau and Manila before taking the plunge. Also, are they comfortable to walk in? Is the leather very stiff? Thanks in advance!


Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Oh R! I almost forgot...I like your custom-made semi-precious stone ring. What stone is that? The color is very unique.

And speaking of walk-in closet renovation, I'm all for it! Do share with us how you end up renovating your closet. I need some inspiration for our next apartment (that is if we manage to find one as we still haven't found our perfect apartment yet)! Do you put your shoes inside your walk-in closet too? Or do you put them separately in another store room?

I think custom-made closets are the best to suit individual needs, esp. if you have more of certain things (like if you have more folded items or more hanging items). But of course, the cost will be more expensive than modular ones. Maybe you can mix them up with some modular and some custom made?

I think with big houses in the US, it's so much fun doing home improvements gradually and slowly for each part of the house. But for us here, with our small apartments, we don't have the luxury to do on-going renovations....

Haha...if we ever visit SF future, are we welcome to visit you at your home? :P

Anyway, do share with us your "end product" of your closet....I'm sure it will be a really nice one. :D


litlstrawberry said...

ho ho... Michelle:
You probably joined the essay contest before....hah....
Thanks for the compliments. You are quite good about memorize things. :)

I will wait for your reveal then.

Well, I already pay for the classes so no matter what, I will finish it and it is only 4 weeks intensively. :)

I really can't recall my Stella Luna heels as I bought the other shoes w/ it...but I think it might either be cheaper or the same as other country. That's a Taiwan brand, remember!!!?

I don't remember what's the name of the stone. I picked it up because the designer shows me her "studio" where I bought the BaTucada bracelet. :) Then I saw a unfinished piece w/ that pretty glittering I asked her to make one that fits perfectly on my finger. :) Maybe I will go back to Haynes st. and ask her again.

Oh, you are more than welcome to come to our house. :) It is not a big big house w/ panoramic view but I think now it is more welcoming w/ all the paintings/furniture I fill it up. haha........

As for the closet, there is no progress yet. I guess I'd rather spend on "things I can wear" than on "drawers which only uses for storing"...haha...hah...we'll see then. :)

isabel said...

Rachel - Love all your ensembles!! I really like the ankle socks/sandals combo, in fact, I just bought a few pairs for jcrew that I can wear them with sandals or pumps. I went to the "Girl's night out" event at NM last night and got myself another Chanel necklace!! I know I told you I am going to stop paying so much for glass beads, but I just couldn't resist the color combo and versatility of this one. It actually comes with a hook so it can be converted into a belt. And yes, you should definitely get custom closet, I love mine - but still hoping it's bigger..... Hopefully one day my closet will be big enough for an island in the middle....

litlstrawberry said...

ah ha..Isabel:
Congrats. then. Are you going to reveal it on tpf? now I am very very curious what you got!!

Yup, take advice from you, I do like my pearl necklace w/ a hook for its versatile purposes in the future. haha..

Oh, great, socks w/ heels...I so love to wear them together and thanks to the trend right now so we don't end of looking like old school. hee!!


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