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30 August, 2009

Giorgio Armani Foundation.

My girl friends throw me a birthday party at xanh restaurant in Mt. View last Friday night. It was a last min. change of plan from going to SF city to celebrate on Sat. night originally. I guess I was aware of my acting class at SF city at 11 Am so I suddenly lost the interest of finding an outfit on Friday night. I don't quite satisfied what I had wore on Friday night but just think I can do better. :P

I am not sure if Yu feels the same thing since she didn't even have much make-ups on at that night. lol While Pei is looking pretty in her little dress I realized the pic. all came out funny since 3 of us had tremendous different looks w/ our make-ups. It is not that we don't look good, it is just seeing me did a perfect make-ups, Yu had her make-ups since that morning, and Pei's face is all red because of the cocktail she consumed when Yu and I arrived at the restaurant. hahahaha.....

So skip our pretty funny pic. here I'd love to share Giorgio Armani Foundation and Laura Mercier tinted moisture I used on that night. I love how perfect coverage the foundation gave me as well as the silkiness/lightness I blend it w/ Laura Mercier's moisture.

Giorgio Armani designer shaping cream foundation spf 20 $65

Laura Mercier

Tinted Moisturizer - Oil Free $42

I applied MAC eye shadow in pearl around the corner of my tear gland!

If I don't thin out the Giorgio foundation, the look will be too matte which I hated!!



Xhan restaurant serves really tasty Vietnamese food but I can't seem to remember the name of the dishes we ordered. Guess I drank too fast of my raspberry Ocho cocktail. :)


dos3n said...

happy belated bday! did you get any thing special for your DH? you girls look great, don't think it looks funny at all. you are been modest. is that a leechee martini i see? :)

LinLin said...

Oh happy birthday! you look so pretty from that first pic of you by yourself, skin look so healthy and radiant.

LilKristy said...

happy birthday Rachel!!! Wish you the best and stay young forever :).. You look beautiful with your hair down and your makeup. You eye lashes are so long. Did u curl it before you put on the mascara? I tried a lot of foundation but none of them look good on my skin. All of them look so dry on my skin. I heard about NARS sheer foundation works great on dry skin.. I might give it a try.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, dos:

Thanks, girl. :) mean from my DH right....
I might do a little reveal ... in the very near future. It will be a surprise for all of my friends too. haha...

Oh, cocktail.... yup, know, I need to update myself whether it is good to drink red wine or not. These days the researches are really confusing.... :P

litlstrawberry said...

hey, lin:
How have you been?
I sometimes what to bring an extra lens w/ me but it is just too heavy to carry around everyday... :) I like your photos, they are so professional, clean, sharp, beautiful, smooth... :)

Thanks, I better enjoy my 30s as much as I can then. haha....

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Kristy:
Thank you. *A hug to you*

The eye lashes...hum... I always think if we want to apply mascara, curl lashes is the first step as most of us lashes are not upward. Oh, I will share this incredible lash growing product in the future. It is not Lateess (not sure the spelling) so you don't need the prescription at all.

As for the foundation, I think you can try "premier" first before you apply foundation. Laura Mercier has tinted premier too. If your skin is really dry, you can start using "serum" or find a good "toner" or "moisture" before it is too late.... It is worth to invest one product that your skin absolutely needed at current stage. *make a note*!!!!!!! hahaha....

Claudia said...

Come in here for my lunch break from work.
Hi Rachel,
I love Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer-its awesome. I might give a try to the giorgio armani..looks really nice on you.

Kristy, if you have dry skin (my skin is dry too) buy the Laura Mercier tinted muisturizer but no the oild free instead get this
Is the same product but this one is more hydrating than the other one that is oil free. I do use it and I love it. I also apply before the foundation Primer - Hydrating.

Hope this helps :)

Julia said...


Happy B day!

even you thought your B day outfit was not good enough. i like it a lot. a purple corset top... sexy!



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