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Always Classic - Black & White!!

Be a smart consumer is very important!!

Then, be a smart AND fabulous girl in this downtime economic is another important thing!!


I am up to a smart, fabulous and intuitive MOM to myself and to all my mommy friends around me!!!

Here is what I'd like to share w/ you.

I am so happy to hear my mommy friend, Pei, told me that she loses some weight over the past couple weeks. She said probably it is not that obvious for me to tell that she had lost weight. For me, how many pounds that she dropped is not that significant neither. Don't get me wrong, lose weight is not the point. What I want to praise here is her cheerful voice when she told me all about it. It happens when she browses through our old yet looking so young photos from at least 5 years ago the other day. Back then, she was way thin and I was pregnant w/ fuller and round face. lol She said that she didn't remember that I was ever that "round". haha.... And she loves how she looked before. Finally, she put the thoughts of having kids and still looking fabulous into action!!! :) I don't know exactly how she lost her weight but a turning point is def. a good start for her. :) I am happy for her as she feels great about herself and I am glad I had a good influence on her.

Everyone needs good friends and especially moms need supports after having a family and kids all that along the course!!!

So, what does it to do w/ smart consumer? Ah~~ Black and white!!

When I exhausted all my thoughts trying to put colored clothes together but still couldn't struck out a style to make a awe, I dug out my everything pure black and white and put them together. Then I realize they are indeed classic, gorgeous and effortlessly stylish!!!! :) That just remind myself, do invest clothes on black and white, whether it be a black sheath or just a simple white tank, they are supposed to be a wardrobe staple. *[*

Yesterday, I volunteered again to babysit my pal, Judy's son. We went to SF city to pick up my Chloe boots in Bloomingdale, had a lunch at Nordi. and went to SF zoo.
I originally planned to take kids to Jewish contemporary museum next to Nordstrom but they closed on Wed. What a bummer!! lol

1. TOP:
  • Stella McCartney sequins tank
  • BCBG gray tank underneath
2. Bottom:
BCBG white trousers
3. Shoes:
LV suhali off-white sling back heels (change to slippers in the zoo)
4. Accessory:
  • sapphires rings and earrings
  • Chanel matte white reissue 227 09
  • .......................................................................................................
Today (Thursday)

Day out w/ kids at Santana Row today.

Judy is w/ me and took my pic. today.

I got my dream heels "Chanel 09 white mesh w/ bows botties".

1. Top:
  • American Apparel white tank
  • Elisabeth & James white blazer w/ ruched sleeves
2. Bottom:
liquid high waist shorts
3. Shoes:
Chanel 09 booties
4. Accessory:
  • Chanel 08 s/s 3 pink camellia necklace w/ gold trim
  • Chanel 09 black caviar mini flap
  • BaTucada black eco plastic bracelet
  • croc emboss w/ bow belt (from URBN)


designer forum said…
i love your life. you are so lucky to have 3 beautiful children, and to be a stay at home mom with style. i need that life. mine is complete opposite. my life is filled with stress and i dont have any children. that is why i follow your blog.
Betsy said…
Rachel - It's been quite a busy week for me and I come back to find you with some beautiful new outfits and a pair of gorgeous Chanel booties!! Mia has a similar pair in the sandals too. I believe she bought both black and white versions of the sandals.

What great news that your friend Pei has lost some weight recently. It's always hardest to the take that first step. Once you do and get inspired, it gets easier to keep going... kinda like how you started your power yoga class religiously. Anyhow, I wish her tons of luck and looking better and better. I call it a "lifestyle change" vs. "going on a diet". I'm trying it out myself though my eating habits are the most difficult to change.

Anyhow, you are such a great friend to help babysit Judy's son too. I would probably be intimated to take care of 4 kids on my own.

Btw, my son and I were hanging out in Santana Row today too. We had lunch, returned some stuff at Anthropologie, strolled by Foot Candy and then checked out some stuff at Borders. Too bad we never bumped into you guys.
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, designer:
I can only say that I am, we are all blessed in some way. "-"

Cheer up, girl!!!!!

I have stress too (even as a stay home mom), for instance, my DH just said to me yesterday that I am like a nanny to my kids as he wants me not only take care of them but also "teach" them!! Literally, "teach" means "educate" my kids math, Chinese, Phonetics...blah...instead of taking them OUT everywhere, everyday. Well...see....he just put me w/ that line of statement into a serious thoughts ever since.......I couldn't find words to talk back nor do I really think that I am only a nanny to my kids......I just listen to my DH "nag" and think that's harmless!! :)
well, nothing is perfect in this world. Nothing is good enough to everyone neither. :)
I am a very very optimistic person and I normally get out of my stress soon and in an effective way. :)

I am glad that you follow my blog and I do hope you will find something/thoughts/perspective in my blog to help you get out of stress faster!!!!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Betsy: that's interesting...when did you guys left Santana row? We were there since 1 PM...till 4 PM. I even go back to Foot Candy to ask if they ever found my sunglasses. well....i am hopeless now, I mean the glasses. hah...

Oh, yup, indeed giving great wishes to my friend, Pei. She is so so into find food and she thinks the only happiness in her life is enjoy great food!!!!!! Well, that's true but there is more than just enjoy fine food when you also have to take good care of her "body". :)

When I have 3 kids, I don't think taking care of 4 is difficult especially the 4th is not mine. (you know, for the 4th of someone else's I didn't go throu. pregnancy, bottles...more diapers.. sort of things) They are similar age and they wear each others' energy out. hahahahah... Great things is people are very nice to me yesterday and almost everyone asks if I am the mother of all 4. ha ha ha... One important thing is even w/ 4 kiddos, I am still well-dressed yesterday and people would respect that too. :)
Purse Addict said…
Those chanel shoes look so gorgeous on you!!
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, purse. Hopefully I can come up lots of outfits to go with them. :)
Betsy said…
Rachel -- I noticed that you are wondering where Mia posted her Chanel beauties too. She posted them a while back in her blog ( I hope she doesn't mind me linking it for you here.

Sorry to hear that you won't be finding your Chloe sunnies soon. I have to say that service at Foot Candy can be a toss up. I asked them to ship two sale shoes to the Santana Row store for me to try on and after week and half of no news, I went in there to follow up. Low and behold, they never sent it and then told me that their inventory system is wrong so the shoes were never available! Weird, because I still see them on their online store. Oooh well. I guess they don't need my business. :P
Alice said…
Hi Rachel, I am also a black and white lover, when there is a time I dont know what to wear, I would just do it black and white, clean and smart :)) BTW, been following your blog lately, like your sense of fashion and you are a good mother, man can never understand what is good mother like :))
litlstrawberry said…
Betsy: I think I am going to call you and I want to vent something to you too. :P

OH, the footcandy know, I was talking to Pei earlier about how "close-to-stupid" some SA these days!! (Pardon me here but I am not pointing fingers.) I believe SA is not supposed to "tell" customers what should do or not do!!! I always learn that customers are always right...even you think s/he is wrong, you still have to think a WAY to get around/away to tell the customer what to do!!!!!

Anyway...I think if you felt that you are being ignored by that store, no matter what's the excuses they have, it is their fault. They need to take more seriously on customers needs/request. We are their customers after all and we didn't ask MUCH!! Right!?!!
BTW, maybe you should call them again and make sure they know you are serious about trying those shoes???

I asked manager to take a look at the store tape on the day I lost my sunglasses....and they still can't get me back only tell me that she has lots of order to ship....etc. Well, I will wait patiently till next week and see what she would say afterward. I don't think I am being harsh but I really like that sunglasses. Like you said, if they value each customer and know well enough "customer services", they should do the follow-up as customer requested!!!!!!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Alice:
Thank you, thank you, dear.
I am feeling so supportive from your words. hah..I even told my DH that I feel good that I didn't have a fight for his random nags nor stuck w/ the thoughts of "WHAT AM I then? haha.....

For that instance, I suddenly realize that marriage is not about arguing "who is right" or "arguing about how can you say things like that to me"...blah...I totally had a moment of making a compromise cause' maybe he had a busy/rough day at work and simply let him be.... :)


I agree, black and white look is so strong that it always makes a person look smart and posh or just refreshing!!!

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