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Summer is Almost End, Friends are Back!!

My friend, Yu, just got back from German and France. We meet together to listen to her sharing the wonderful experience she had in Europe. Pei and I are day-dreaming as if we were there w/ Yu spa, and biking in Munich. :)

Here is the souvenir/gift from Yu.

Caramel tea from Laduree!

Pei shares this out of the world yummy ice cream she bought in SF city w/ us.
I lurrrve the Honey Lavender flavor w/ that rich lavender aroma in the ice cream!!!

How interesting!!! Both containers are designed in Green as if they were produced at the same region.

Pei made coffee for us and I made myself ice cream w/ coffee float!! :)

Break time, kids watch a Disney classic - Chip & Dale, Tom & Jerry!!

I like Pei's tassel necklace and I think she is going to give me brass version for my birthday gift! You can make it as a belt too.
I can't wait!!!!!

Our beautify mommy, Yu!
Paul & Joe sister top, cargo pants, Coach slipper, BV green tote w/ necklace from Paris!

1. Top:
  • Stella McCartney black dress w/ embroidery
  • RGBY vest w/ flare
  • Elisabeth & James black tuxedo vest
2. Bottom:
Hosiery from Paris and tear by me :P

3. Shoes:
Chloe brown ankle boots
4. Accessory:
  • Vintage purple belt
  • Chanel 09 pearl necklace w/ crystals
  • Chanel 09 black caviar mini flap
  • Tom Ford sunglasses

Vest is such a great investment, you can never be tired of its versatile and practical!!!


Julia said…
hey this outfit is provocative to me.

Yu's green BV tote is gorgeous.
litlstrawberry said…
hha, Julia:
sorry if my outfit bothers you. :P
I think both of us are getting OLD as I was browsing throu. BNY's catalog w/ jeans the other day and was wondering how come they would put on such "weird" and "ugly" make-ups on models. Then, I realize that I am not 20s and I might just take it too seriously when looking at them. hahah...
If my outfit gives you such a big impact, then I guess I did a great job there. hee hee....

oh, yep, Yu's tiny BV tote is one of my fav. from her collection too.
LilKristy said…
Rachel, i love the outfit. So chic :).. I wish i have the boot and the vest. I love your boot. But it is too expensive for me to afford :). Your friend Yu is so pretty. You guys look GREAT :)

Btw i've been wearing the bracelet around and my family n friends said it is cute :) I told them i got this from a "friend" in CA and i show them your blog and they said you look pretty.. hehe i hope you dont mind i show them your blog.

one more thing, i went to Target to get the Pulse Perfection mascara right after i read your blog and i LOVE it..... Thank you...

take care rachel..looking forward to your next post.. (^_^)
Julia said…
i am getting old for sure.:) it shows from the way i dress myself.

i was not bothered by your odj. although it was very fashion forward, you pulled it off. that's what matters.

oh my.. i have to tell you, when i saw my today's picture, i was like...grr. one of my eyes was puffy, i basically run out without finishing my make-ups. God knows.
i was not put together well today.

all that exercises, and tan.. dont look like my old self any more. you can tell i have been enjoying summer though. hehe..
Alice said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alice said…
Hi Rachel, I love your Chanel pearl necklace, would u be able to give me the code? its a new items in the boutique? seriously wanting to get it, thanks in advance.
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Kristy:
Thanks to you, pretty girl!!

You know, we are the same sign, Virgo but man~ we are surely having HUGE age difference. haha..... My birthday is coming next week but I am staying at 25 forever. :P

I will let my friend, Yu, knows about your sweet compliment to her.

haha.... hope your family enjoy my blog when you showed them. :) And I am glad you like the mascara as I do too. I use THE ONE and the only everyday not like before I always use 2 different kinds to get the result I desired. I should go get some more for myself!! know, when I was 21, I didn't own any Chanel, fact, I never thought about buying them as my believe is "I buy whatever suits my age/status". Things turned out that I found the right husband for myself and I don't even need to work for those things. hahahahah... (OK, that's just a joke and I didn't plan to FIND a DH to buy me things, you know.)

Anyway, I know you are a very mature girl, and you know what you are doing. Every hard work will pay off one day... you will have your Chanel, Chloe, day!!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Julia:
I just deleted what I had said..geez.... Ok, I left them on your blog instead then.

I don't think your eye looks puffy at all. You worried too much girl. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Alice: Thanks. The necklace is spring/summer collection and here is the code 09P A41324Y94582.
Collier Z0020

Good luck of finding it and if you do, you can never let it go!! :)
Alice said…
Rachel, Thanks so much for checking the Chanel necklace code, hope i would be able to still get it in the boutique, you are such a nice lady. BTW, I also like your gf Yu's top, she matches it very well with the cargo pants. I wonder what is your next post :))
Claudia said…

Wow I'm in love with your dark brown chloe boots. These are gorgeous and TDF. Boots are my favorite shoes.

Great pics as always.
Purse Addict said…
The coffee float looks yummy...
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Claudia:

thanks, girl.
Today I took my Chloe tall boots out and walk around at home just to pamper myself. I can't wait for fall to come .... :) So you are a boot person than a heel gal then? I think I am half/half!!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Jenny:
Next time when you travel to bay area, you should buy couple flavors from bi-rite in SF city. :) Pei told me that they use very very rich milk from a particular farm. :) Happy cow I assume!!! hee hee ..
Claudia said…

How have you been?

Yeah I can't wait for fall too. If I get it here :( It's been so warm.

Yeah that is fair to say that I'm more of a boot person than a heel person but unfortunately where I live I can't wear boots that much. It's HOT HOT in here. I need to find that dark brown hue of your chloe boots. This is my mission before winter. I like to tuck my skinny jeans inside the boots and wear a chic top and scarf and you are ready to go GIRL.

BTW, your kids are all so cute.
Colleen said…
Your fashion sense is very unique, especially for a mother and at your age. Very adventurous. However, I must say your style and poses would look pretty ridiculous on me!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Claudia:
Where do you live if I may ask?
Well, if people can wear UGG boots and tolerant the hot weather in LA, short boots shouldn't be a! :)

Thanks, kids grow up so fast and unbelievable smart...street smart! ha ~
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Colleen:
Thank you, dear.
You know, style wise I might not be that intuitive to you but maybe the idea of putting different things together would. :) Oh, the poses, I always think a good poses/pic. doesn't come from ONE pose, it sometimes is the moment of catching it.
Like I did for my friend, Yu, I asked her to tote/swing her bag and she did, then I caught that pretty one for her. For a total of 10 pic. I found that's the best shot of her.
Taking photos of us is different from taking for a still life/landscape..... you just give me a challenge of taking a great photos of you. :) May I????
Betsy said…
Rachel - I love food-related posts. :) Yum, Yum... The pretty green packaging really caught my attention. I really like it.

It's always fun to catch up with friends to talk about each other's vacation and I can imagine how much Yu has to share of her trip. Which part of Germany did she go? Did she score any H items in Paris too?

DH and I have an exciting destination wedding to attend very soon too and guess where we're heading -- Germany! That's why I'm especially curious bout Yu's trip. Unfortunately, we don't have plans to go to Paris though.

Anyway, I know you mentioned Izy will be in town soon. Let's hope it's real soon b/c my trip is coming up as well. I would love to meet her in person too. I just saw some pretty Chanel necklaces at the Palo Alto NM and would love what you guys think... but then again, I think I should save some $ for the reissue that is high on my wish list.
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Betsy: of these days I think we will go to Haynes st. again and also go have a treat of that ice cream. Care for join us?!! :)

Wow..... Germany!! Oh, yep, yu was very excited about her trip and all she can tell us is that she didn't go to "naked" spa where all men and women all striped down. hahahahah.... Anyway, you have fun!! (I think she went to Munich as well.)

Hum...I think she is here next Mon. the whole week. I am very excited too...:) We will see then.

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