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04 August, 2009

Can't Get Even Brighter, Orange + Fuchsia!!

My outfit is so bright that I believe even bulls can see me far far far away!! haha...

However, my mood is down down down as I just realized that I might lost my Chloe sunglasses. ..... :( As seen from the modeling pic. of yesterday, I took off my sunnies but I just can't seem to recall where exactly I lost it among those two shops I stopped by yesterday. Well, look from the bright side, I guess I just gave myself a good reason to look for a new pair then!!!!

Long time no see my Another Chloe sunglasses!! hehe..

I almost always wear my new acquisition right away, so here they are again-- Alexander McQueen square toe pump!!

1. TOP:
  • Venassa Bruno fuchsia long shirt
  • Splendid gray w/ ruched pockets cardigan
  • Turquoise vest
2. BOTTOM: Levis Coral skinny jeans
3. Shoes: Alexander McQueen square toe black satin pump
  • Batucada eco plastic black flower decor. bracelet
  • Chloe brown w/ gold metal trim sunglasses
  • Chanel 08 s/s black rodeo drive large tote

Come on, Ilona!! Take a pic. w/ mommy!! :)

After soccer practice, kids love a sweet treat, frozen yogurt!!

Niel, where do you think my face is!!!??/&^%%$#@

There you go, Niel!!!! Thanks, son!!!


Betsy said...

Rachel - bright neon, oh my! what a fun way to strut down Santana Row. :) i'm surprised i never bump into you there since you seem to be there almost every other day. lol. anyhow, sorry to hear that you haven't found your chloe sunglasses yet, i do hope you find it asap. they are very cute too.

did you get the alexander mcqueens at foot candy? i've been tempted to buy a few pair of sale shoes there but have given up since i do want to get a handbag instead. my priority is definitely a new bag for now.

Betsy said...

btw, is that an extra backpack you're wearing? hahahaha.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Betsy: haha..well, it has been a while since the last time I hang out w/ friends in Santana row...maybe every other week?
well, oh, yea, the sunglasses...I think it is gone ... forever!! I am heartbroken right now.....

Oh, yup, I got that in foot candy. I think it is easier besides, they are on sale!!!!

Oh, I heard that Isabel said you got a fucshia muse...MY, fucshia!! girl, is that your color?!!! I am sure it will looks stunning on you but just want to make sure you will carry it around.....a lot!! haha..

Oh, that silly turquoise is actually a vest.... I unbuttoned it and it looks silly in the pic. hah ha ...

Betsy said...

Rachel - I'm sorry I didn't read your ODJ details carefully. Now I see it's torquoise vest. LOL. Silly me.

As for the fuscia muse 2, I actually do love colorful bags. In fact, I've got LV vernis in fuscia too, but I have to admit, I don't carry my LVs anymore. I've been meaning to unload them but I'm just not confident enough to sell on *Bay just yet.

Anyhow, the YSL muse 2 bag is fun but it seems rather high maintenance and I should probably focus my attention on a classic reissue first.


Jenny said... the picture that Niel took only your feet/shoes!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Jenny:
how are you? I hope your daughter's hand is fine now. Sorry I didn't ask about if she is ok sooner.

Niel insists taking pic. for me these days but his skill is really...*&^%%$ well, can't blame him since he is only 5 I guess. haha..

Jenny said...


My Daughter's hand is fine already. Thanks for asking! I cut the skin out with scissor and cleaned it on that day. Interestingly, after I cut it, it formed a heart shape which she's the one who's noticing and that seems to make her not feeling to sad when she look at her hand :-)

I just read again my comment. Sorry that I did not mean about Niel's quality of taking picture is not good. I meant that it was totally cute that he took the bottom part and reading your note about that pic. It's just too cute that he wanted to help his mommy.


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