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15 August, 2009

Chanel Booties n' Chloe Tall Boots!

I had two new show acquisitions this month.

One is Chanel mesh booties and the other one is Chloe's gray/taupe/purple tall boots.

The golden bangles are gifts from NM.

I believe I can stay away from searching for the perfect Chloe's short and tall boots for couple years as I got both of them!!! Hooray!!

Dark brown Chloe boots.

It is such a beautiful color, both me and Isabel think it has gray, taupe and a tint of purple tone on them.

I love how Chloe's boots snuggled all around my feet!!

I always admire the casual chic look of Chloe's boots.

New version of squared "C" buckles on Chloe boots!!

Today is Saturday and I went to my acting class in SF city. I wore my Chanel booties and no surprises I got compliments for the booties from my classmates. :) I don't think no one could ever stop noticing this beauty. :)

I, as usual, asked my classmates and the teacher, Mr. Greg, for their pictures. They are so confused at the beginning that why do I always have that big camera around and what I would to do w/ their photos afterward. haha... I told them, the pic. is just for fun, for life, for keeping a glimpse of great memory of everything on my blog!!!!!

Lila is one of the most beautiful girls in my class!!
She is the only girl I know who can pull off a red eye shadow gorgeously!!!!

My acting class teacher, Mr. Greg, is having his yummy pasta! lol
Our class session is from 11 Am to 2 PM so we all had to bring something to eat.

For this booties, I did both pedicure and medicare for a proper modeling of them. :P

1. Top:
J Crew distressed gold tank
Tsesay coral cross front knit dress
2. Shoes:
Chanel 09 bow w/ mesh booties
3. Bag:
Lanvin leopard happy sac 08
4. Accessory:
  • mini brass disc necklace
  • Hermes Nomad watch w/ orange belt
  • black studded belt
  • Gold mesh bangles

Pardon there couple bruises on my legs as I am quite active w/ my kids and I seem to have bruises easily!! Oh, that explains why I had my spider vein surgery!! :P

My friend, Cathy, asked me to take couple more pictures of this booties.
There you go, Cathy!

I guess after the acting class, I totally opened up myself...... a little,...for this sultry shot!! hehe...


isabel said...

Hi Rachel - Congrats on all your shoe purchases!!! The Chanel booties are indeed very striking, you look gorgeous in them. I love both Chloe boots, but I am still debating whether I should get the boots since I probably won't be wearing them that often in LA. But again, I just ordered the camelia rain boots which I probably won't wear often either..... Anyway, you look great in the TSE dress, and I love how you did your makeup!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Isabel:
Thanks....I gotta thank you harder for that Chloe boots...for telling me about it and for killing me w/ another $1000 spending on top of my Chanel booties..haha...
Well, hum....I think if you like it, get over w/ it and buy it to wear them for a LIFE time. :P The is timeless but I think you will get bored w/ it after this probably won't wear that much next year. I didn't say it is not classic but well,....for rain boots, the look is limited cause' you are not going to come out w/ tons of style for that rain boots but you def. can come up endless look for that pair of Chloe boots. Agree?? :)

Thanks, I did the make-up for the class since we will be on the camera almost every class but I didn't get a turn to do a script yesterday...I guess my turn will be next Saturday then. :)

Alice said...

Hi Rachel - Love your Chanel Booties, you look so beautiful in them with your long legs. I used to buy lots of items just because I like it, but now I choose to buy items unless I would wear them, even I have to pay a bit more, as we grow older we became wiser, agree ??

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Alice:
Thank you, dear.
definitely agree.
I love trinkets as much as branded jewelry/high-end apparel but I forbid myself from buying eye-catching accoutrement impulsively. :) Like my mom always said that I save small and spend (waste) on BIG!!! hha.... But I think quality,brand name, price sometimes does have a chain effect. Besides, like you said, we are getting older, we should be wiser/practical on picking up almost everything we buy. :) Oh...does it sound we are really getting that OLD?!!! hahha hahha...

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi R! You seem like having fun in your acting class! Your teacher looks like a fun person! Hope you enjoy the class!

Oh...your Chloe boots are gorgeous! The silhouette and leather and design are just a perfect trio. (And of course your Chanel booties as well...hehe!) I've been looking for a nice gray color boots and I think this Chloe is a beautiful pair. I went to Chloe boutique today but they don't have this style. Do you happen to have the style number of your boots? What size did you get? May I ask where you found this pretty boots? Izy has great eyes for them! (Izy, I think you should buy them instead of Chanel rain boots too!! :D) I have a hard time buying long boots coz I have fat calves/lower legs which is hard for me to find a wide-enough boot shaft. :( Seems like this pair of Chloe has a larger shaft circumference. No?

Anyway, congrats again and enjoy your new goodies in good health! Great buys!


Andee Layne said...

youre such a chic mom!!So cute! I love your blog! Please check out my fashion and lifestyle blog at! xo I will follow yours!

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Andee.

I sure will follow yours too. :)


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