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17 October, 2009

Inspired by Marni Runway 09'!! A Nostalgic Dress of Mine!!

I bought this DKNY silk dress when I was still in college in Taiwan.

Back then, I was so in love w/ their design, the display/music played in the boutique and even envy SAs who work there. hahaha.. .... Yes, I must think it is a wonderful thing to have an employee discount and to wear their tres chic clothes at work everyday. :)

I have so many memories w/ this dress, such as I remember vividly which boutique I purchased it from, how much I paid it for, and I even wore this dress to a beauty pageant contest. lol

Don't you ever think of giving up a dress when, in fact, it sits in your closet for too long and you barely ever wear it??!! However, deep in your heart, you are still waiting for the coming back of its time to wear it again!!!

I am so happy that I instantly thought of this DKNY dress when browsing Marni's 2009 runway collection back in August.

I am happy that I found a new way to express the beauty of this simple silk dress!!

Best of all, I saved tones of money!! lol

Silk + fur + embroidery + bold pattern leggings + platform heels = gorgeous!!

The only thing I can't figure it out is the Micky mouse gloves!!! :P

She looks so warm and secure under that crape!
The pants has an interesting detail of zipper-pull. To tell ya girls that I even had one of my pants added w/ two zippers in front and w/ exposed metal teeth just want to try the trendy look but don't want to buy another pair of cropped pants.

photo credited to

DH and I are good after communicating our thoughts through emails, phone calls, and harmless arguments. :P I really am not the type of woman who easily hides her emotion, rather "talk to me" and "to feel how my heart feels" are the best ways to help me understand a guy's conscience!!

I am glad that in-laws are gone and I also make sure that they don't think they are the cause of our fight. Well, honestly, they might add tension between DH and I. But for us, it also is a great chance that DH and I can work things out and learn to avoid the tension filling up between each other next time when in-laws visit. :)

tis' the season... pumpkin!!

This is the ugliest rooster I've ever seen. :P

BEAST + beauty!!
haha... We are always an opposite: Under-dressed Vs. Overdressed couple!!

We have two unknown plum trees in our backyard before we even moved in. But I never wanted any fruit tree in our backyard since I don't think I will have time to mind gardening work. Today, finally, I gave in to my mother-in-law who wants a fruit tree in the backyard, I bought a dwarf lemon tree from Half Moon Bay!!! :)

Maybe I can find something similar to a bib necklace to mimic Marni's look more.


1. TOP:
  • DKNY green silk dress
  • et vous rabbit fur vest (bought in Pairs)
  • Juicy Contour tartan socks
  • Boss orange platform Mary-Jean heels
2. Accessory:
Chanel 08 metallic silver reissue 227
beaded necklace (bought from Anthropologie)

I never would thought tartan socks can make this dress so fun!!

Ok, DH got home after dropping off in-laws and we are going to catch up w/ Gossip Girls!!!

Girls, have a great weekend, and don't forget to buy pumpkin pies if you don't bake pies like me!! :P


Liz W said...

I absolutely LOVE your haircut! You rock it.

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Liz:
how are you?

We are like twins for that kind of hair style... hahah... oh, if you still keep that short hair in the pic. :) You know, I so want to dye it to copper color but figured that my hair probably can't tolerant any more destruction. :P


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