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21 October, 2009

Having Fun Layering: Make Great Use of Your One-Piece Dress!

I was layering dress w/ another top yesterday, and that gave me a great idea to shop in my closet.

Today I did the same thing to create a new fall outfit by layering a dress + a top!!


1. Top:
  • Inside dress: Stella McCartney black double lining embroidery black sheath
  • Romeo & Julia Contour sleeveless top w/ flower trim
  • beige cardigan (no brand)
2. Accessory:
  • brown leggings
  • wool felt hat
  • Designer friend, Elfi Altendorfer's pearl earrings
  • BR edition gold tassel necklace wore as a belt
  • Chanel 08 metallic reissue 227
3. Shoes:
Givenchy wedge booties

I love the floral trim around the neck, so romantic!!

This is the most interesting hosiery I bought and the most compliments I got by wearing them. :)

You know, the belt serves no purpose other than having something there!! hha..

Oh, thanks to the wind for giving me this Special effect!!!!!

Lunch date w/ DH!!!!
Although he took this photo for me, I think the ones above I did way better. :P

Yay, Giveaway coming up tomorrow!!!!

Stay closely!! :P


Alice said...

Hot! Your wedge booties are TDF!

LilKristy said...

Hi Rachel, its been a while since i visit your blog.. I've been so sick and i was down with the Swine flu.

I just noticed that you just got your hair cut and you look SUPER CUTE and PRETTY with the hair cut.. I LOVE IT!!! You should take a closer picture of your haircut so i can tell my sister to get the same haircut.. :)

I adore your out and how you layer your dresses.. I love your cardigan and your hosiery.. May i ask where you bought your hosiery? I love the details on the side of it :)...

Have a great day and take care :)

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, pretty girl. (Alice) Your owls are just too cute. :)

litlstrawberry said...

Hello, Kristy:

My, poor you, hope you are feeling much better now. Couple of my friends are sick too and their kids....oh, you better stay strong and recover soon. :)

Thanks, I love my hair except I really wouldn't recommend unless you have the patient to blow dry and do flat ironing. I didn't straighten my hair so I almost have to spend extra time to style my hair than before. :( But sure, I may have a close up.... in the future. haha...

I got that hosiery back in Taiwan. I notice it is made in Japan so I guess you only can search which site sells Japan or Koren hosiery on line. Sorry I can't be more help. :P

Charles said...

what an incredible outfit! that one pic of you leaning back could be straight from a magazine! =)

Betsy C. said...

That hat is way fabulous! You are a good teacher in layering. I'm, for one, am learning lots and rethinking how I dress every morning as well. :)

Did you read my previous msg about me getting my bag sent to me this week by Barneys? Thanks to you, of course! I'll let you know how it goes once I get it.

FG said...

Those Givenchy boots are beyond gorgeous and are just MADE for you!
Can I ask you how they run? I'm considering getting a pair, but wont be able to try them on, so I was wondering if they run true to size? I'm normally 38,5 :)
Thanks a lot and I LOVE YOUR BLOG! You're such a cool mum!!!

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Charles: I do like trying poses when taking pic. for myself. :) It came out perfect...(almost), well, my hair could look even nicer. :P

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Betsy:
you know, moms have so much influence on our children. The other day I was talking to my friends about how 50s Shaighai women raised their most high society women, they dress up, make up and they hang out w/ their rich friends but the thing is they still "Watch" their kids grow...even they have nanny, maids..... "literally" they watch their kids grow. They know what their kids are doing but they don't really take care of them (physically), they sort of let the kids grow and learn and be guided whenever needed. Their kids turn out very fine. I think part of the reason is Dad is busy at work ( very respective job), Mom is taking great of themselves, very elegant.... and when kids grow up in such milieu, they tend to be very independent and w/ a calm spirit. (I would say Serena in GG is kinda of such a person. Her mom pursues her love, get married couple times,... Serena had a hard time but she still turns out to be a fine girl so far. :)

Ok, I am saying this is just how interesting people got brought up in different ways to be a fine person, no implication here. haha...

litlstrawberry said...

wow, Betsy: so you found a Lanvin for yourself? oh, I am very happy for you!!!

litlstrawberry said...

hey, FG: Thanks. I love your taste and I left comments on your blog.

I think we are almost the same build, I am normally size 38.5 too. This Givenchy boots runs true to size but you still need to kind stretch it a little. I tried size 39, the ankle is way loose as well as the feet part, and I don't feel like having a rubber underneath so I decided to get 38.5 and break into it a bit. It is very comfortable now. :)
Hope this help.

FG said...

Thanks a lot for your help! I think I'll get them!
They are all sold out in my size in Europe, so I'll be ordering from the USA :)
Cant wait to get them!
And thank you for visiting my blog :)


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