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30 October, 2009

Real OVER the Knee high Boots!

Please click on the Image to see Bill Cunningham's report of the trend for Knee high boots!!
Thanks to Betsy who shares this video clip w/ me after I told her I just got myself a real pair!!

If I gave up buying a pair of military inspired boots, I think at least I am allow to follow another trend of rocking in OVER the knee-high boots instead.

Mine is from Joie. I said that I don't want to spend a fortune for those trendy boots but I seem can't find something cheaper available any more or ones catches my eyes for under $300.

After watching those Parisian rocking their black outfit, I am inspired to dress something
eccentric as well. Just for the sake of being BOLD and having FUN!!! Yay!!~~

I would say this pair of
Joie over the knee high boots has great looks and nice leather feel. However, I wouldn't recommend it for not-so-tall-gals for that extra fold-over look!! :P

Picture ME in the Pairs!!! :P


  • 1. Top:
  • Linda Loudermilk organic racer back dress w/ organza detail at bottom back
  • Grey vest
  • Maggie cropped blazer
2. Accessory:
  • Cheetah leggings
  • Joie OVER the knee high boots
  • Flying lizard design gold necklace w/ brass n' turquoise
  • Gold bangle (gift from NM)
  • blue semi-precious stone ring
  • Chanel mini flap

There are zippers at two sides of this boots and it is so easy to wear and comfortable at the same time.

I bought this Linda Loudermilk dress at her trunk show last Thursday.
It is half of the retail price!! yay!!

You know where did I take those pic. at???!!!
hah... The back yard of my son's piano teacher's house. I figured for that half hour wait, I can make a great use of it!!!

Me, wired!!? You just start getting to know me, girls!! haha....

I know we normally shouldn't have head to toe following the trends but I would say it is a safe bet for pairing animal print hosiery w/ knee high boots together!!!! :)

I will find more ensembles from my closet to rock this pair of knee high boots in the future!!!

Saturday is Halloween, do you girls have your costume prepared or decide how to wear your make-up already? You at least have to have either ONE ready!!!!!


Carmen said...

I want your boots!!!

shockboogiedesign said...

Lovely boots you've got there!:)

I do agree with you about not spending too much on a "trend" pair of boots. I'm always so tempted to get an OTK Louboutin pair but then I can't justify spending $2k ++ on something I might not want to wear once this season is over... unless of course, I decide to take up being a pirate when I get older. Hmm... Maybe!

susanh98 said...

Fun boots! Really liking that dress the back detail is very nice.

dos3n said...

love the outfit and the boots! a very prisian looking biker chick! you are so funny! taking pics in the teacher's back yard, did she/he know know what you were doing? per my daughter's request i will be a kitty cat this year. I also got a pair of over the knee boots by Vintage Modern, got it for around $300 when shopbop had the 20% off sale, really comfy too. I really wanted your chloe gray boots, but they were all sold out of my size so had to settle with the vintage modern ones.

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Carmen.

litlstrawberry said...

You are so right, Coco's mom.

The CL boots is sexy but it is just Not practical for us to get $2000 boots...well, if one day, you become super rich, you know you will snap that boots w/o a blink. :))

hah.. right, pirate...but I think Bill Cunningham said that's like a Robinhood look. hahahaha...

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Susan: THanks. I like that dress and I think I will wear t-shirt underneath during the summer time to make it more casual.

litlstrawberry said...

hah... Catherine:
I wanna see your kitty cat look... maybe you can upload pic. on your FB. :) Your daughter is so cute and I like the pic. of her the other day you posted it.

I think I saw vintage modern and I like it too. I don't know why I didn't get that one instead .. maybe because this Joie one I can fold over an extra leather pat around the knee just to get a refreshed look. ..?? maybe!!! It is a great deal for $300 w/ that look!!

Oh, Chole boots is not gray... you know it is actually taupe w/ purple tone underneath.. I have to get it at size 38 (I am normally size 38 1/2) since they sold out 39 and they only have full size. I know sometimes I wear size 38 for Italy shoes and this pair of Chole boots is made by Italy so I go for half size small. It fits me fine but just need a little help when taking it off..haha..... DH said I am torturing myself ... Anyway, maybe you can try half size smaller!!!!!

Oh, I should tell my friend, (Niel's teacher) that I might need to take pic. for my ODJ when we are there next time. hahahahahahah.,.......

We might go into SF city for treat or trick tomorrow.

isabel said...

Hi Rachel,

Nice boots!! You are really on a "boots" roll this fall... I was at Bloomingdales yesterday and they still had the Chloe boots but I think I might get them in black.... It's hot again here so I don't know when I will ever be able to wear any boots. Oh, I can definitely see the muscle definition on your arms, those hours at power yoga have paid off!

Jessica said...

i think the over the knee boots WITH heels would be a perfect friend for your long legs! I expect you to come up with OTK boots with heels :) but this one without heel is also good.

litlstrawberry said...

hey, sis: how are you? Where will you take your two boys to trick or treat?

Oh, yeh, thanks to YOU who started enabling me to get the Chole boots then there is never ending of buying BOOTS>..... However, I do love boots very much!!!

NO, it is not just Power is the current trend: TRX!!!! I thought that's the big thing in LA!! I love it cause' it is very efficient to train every bit muscle on your body. I am feeling my triceps this week. :) I do TRX on Wed. for 45 mins. and follow up w/ 1 hr. power yoga. But somehow this week I am so busy and feeling exhausted the whole week so I am nearly dying in that almost 2 hr. work-out on Wed. evening!!! :P

Yeh, how is your TA hours doing? Ever going to fulfill it?! hah..

litlstrawberry said...

hello, Jessica:

How I wish I can spend $2000 on BOOTS especially I am no celebrity at all. But you efinite get me into thinking that over the knee high boots w/ stiletto style will be sexier in overall looks. :)

Betsy C. said...

Rachel - before I read your description, I was thinking to myself that only you can make a cornfield looks so fashionable. :D little did I know that it's piano teacher's backyard! you have perfect legs for knee high boots. they are looser than what i imagined you wearing, but they look fab regardless.

Have a happy & safe Halloween!

litlstrawberry said...

oh thanks, Betsy.

ha.. I think I will inform my son's teacher about me taking pic. in her backyard, I don't want to freak her out..haha..

Oh, we had a blast treat or trick in SF and I will update it now.


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