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27 October, 2009

True Red? Giorgio Armani Rouge 400 n' 09' Limited Edition Silk 95!

As promised, here I am in Givenchy Pearl 24, and dashes YSL Golden Gloss shimmering at lower lip.

I think my dress and my necklace make enough statement, I should leave my face as plain as possible. .... hum... since I am not walking on the red carpet!! :)

The jade earrings is originally paired w/ one of the necklace (w/ the same jade beads) I chained into this whole chunk.

BTW, my final touch "rhinestone w/ brass necklace from J Crew".

I really want to find something cheap in thrift shop but since I don't have time I decided to use something w/ great cutting of rhinestones. Hope this piece looks very high quality w/ that extra $98 of J Crew necklace. :P

Well, the price is actually not too bad, it costs me total of $44 (2 necklaces found in Loehman's) + $98 (J Crew) + $9 (chain) + $8 (ribbon + 3 layers mini pearl necklace) + $40 (section of 14K gold w/ jade beads necklace) = $199!!! Besides, I can take off every single necklace in the future and wear them separately.

Yay, I am genius!!

This is before I wrap it around to make as a whole piece.

I had to change socks to tights after seeing this pic... kinda weird?!! Oui? Non?

Oh, I am so so happy that I found my Chloe sunglasses which I thought I lost it couple month ago. I almost spend another $300 to buy it back.... geez, I am glad somehow I didn't!!!

Here are my 2 other best friends, Cathy & Yu who got the same Chloe sunglasses while we were in Vegas this year!! See, it flatters everyone. haha..


Yu (Hope you feel better now after recovering from the flu.)

I got this Marc By Marc Jacobs dress last week at (Thanks to Claudia who introduced me this site.) and realize that maybe a lot of people might get the same dress, so I think so hard to play w/ this dress to make it so MY style!! :P Oh, ... I think the necklace really make the dress unique!! haha... One of a kind!!!

  • Ted Baker baby doll white coat
  • patterned gray hosiery
  • Betsy Johnson ankle strap n' golden stiletto heels (just because the heels are gold which matches my earrings and some chains of necklaces)
  • designer friend, Elfi Altendorfer's jade beads earrings
  • My creation of stranded necklace
  • Chloe orange Sally bag 09 s/s

haha..Ok, I think I am way off my topic!! RED... lips. I don't know why I am so talkative today. Thanks to Angela who got me really want to find out a RED which flatters my skin tone.

They are (left to right) Rouge 400, ArmaniSilk 09' collection 95 (w/ orange undertone) and my darkest lipstick ArmaniSilk 08' collection 62.

You see, ArmaniSilk 95 (left) has orange tone.
The new lipstick has magnetic cap design (right) and it is easier to re-cap.

Giorgio Armani normally has their limited holiday collection every year. This year the rhinestones design of this no. 95 lipstick is just too gorgeous to pass on! lol I had to get it after the SA said the magic words....Limited Edition! hah...

So what do you think? Obviously, I got both of them .
The upper lip is Rouge 400 and lower lip is Silk95.

This is the look of Halloween. ... of me... (w/ ArmaniSilk 62)...Just Kidding!!! :P

Hope you enjoy this LONGer than ever post and found something entertaining here!!


♥Kryplina♥ said...

I like your look too!
I recently found your blog and it is fabulous!
I like the dress and coat.

Carmen said...

Lovely photos. I like your outfits!

Purse Addict said...

I LOVE Dior lipstick and lip gloss. I hardly ever wear lipstick though...I always forget to reapply and I dont like how my lips get chapped afterwards :P

Angela said...

yay!! red lipstick! Thanks for doing this post! I"m really loving the givenchy pearl one too.

The Haute-Shopper said...

Love all these lipsticks on you! And what a great job with the different necklaces! I'm a huge fan of statement pieces, especiallyl necklaces. The Marc dress is cute as well, but you were right about replacing the socks with tights I think.

susanh98 said...

very pretty colors! all of them. Great finds. Your necklace is truly spectacular.

dos3n said...

you lips look beautiful with the givenchy pearl 24! and that statement necklace really makes a statement! it's a great deal considering you didn't spend any money and was able to make something that looks totally diff and in right now. I like the thights with the outfit better, the knee high stockings look too elegant to go with the outfit. now i think i want to go get some new lipsticks to change my look too!

Betsy C. said...

Rachel: I can't decide which color I like the most in your recent entries! Every color has its attribute and I don't blame you for buying them all! I might want to try something shimmery for this coming holiday season as well and perhaps I will take your recommendations into consideration while shopping. :)

Jessica said...

WOW, now i get inspired by making our own statement necklace. :)

isabel said...

Hi Rachel,

Glad you found your Chloe sunglasses? Where did you find them? Love the red lipstick on you, very glamourous...

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Kryplina. You are very pretty and I think I left message saying that already. :)

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Carmen.

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Jenny: I know, I hardly wear lipstick or gloss either. But somehow I am INTO that at current stage. haha...

Oh, as for the chapped lip, I use REvive lip renewal and I think it helps. At least I am preventing "wrinkles" around the lips for the future. :P

litlstrawberry said...

yay, Angela, you should give it a try!! :)

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, the world shopper: Thanks. I know somehow the length of that socks is not right proportion after looking from the pic. :P And I am glad I found something in my wardrobe works for that dress but I guess I should pay a visit to Anthro. or hosiery specialty shop soon.

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Susan. Are you going to make ONE for yourself!!?

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Catherine: yah, go for it girl!!!

I used to like blush.. I almost have it everyday just for a touch of having good complexion. But i guess if I have RED lips on, I don't need blush as much as before.

yes, I like my statement necklace very much ... but I do spent $98 on that J Crew rhinestone necklace last week just for doing this one. :P

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Betsy:

I know you must be so happy about your Lanvin bag right now. You should take it out for a fabulous walk somewhere nice@@:>

Hum... I know LIPs is a sexy feature for women but I never really apply it religiously .. until now. :) Oh, I know why.. maybe I don't have FULL lip so I don't bother at all. I think you have a very sexy lip line so you should go for it too...find a true RED and rock it. That's the trend too!!!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Jessica:
Thanks. I bet you will discovery your aesthetic side soon. :)

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, sis:
I am so silly when all the time my Chloe sunglasses is sitting in the pocket of my very same jacket which I wore to the shoe store...dud~~ But I am so happy that I found it. yah!!!

Claudia said...

Hi Rachel,

Wow! looking sexy and sophisticated with those red lips.
Althought, IMO your lips look so beautiful and chic with the softer/nude colors. I just think that red lips tend to give a more mature look. Either way you are looking great :)

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Claudia.
I know, I still wear the nude color very often, well, in fact, most of the time. I am somewhat afraid of my hair got swiped w/ the red lip color and that's awful. haha..

THose two red lip sticks I bought still brand new...maybe they will be my collection. hha.. Oh, I can use rouge 400 since it is not limited. hehe..

Carrie said...

Hi I love your blog! Can you tell us which YSL gloss you used? Is that the #7 from the earlier post? thanks :)


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