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23 October, 2009

GiveAway! GiveAway! GiveAway!! And Finally Linda Loudermilk!

Sorry that I couldn't post anything yesterday since the is down and after I went to meet w/ Linda Loudermilk in SF city, I felt exhausted enough.

But finally here they are!! (Of course they are brand new, not the ones I used. haha.....)

Yes, it seems girls all love nude lip color, therefore, I decided to give YSL Rouge Volupte 2 to a lucky girl.

And another one is the Make-Up-Forever HD concealer (330). As long as your are not too tan, this shade works great!!

I normally don't put on any foundation except for two layers of premier and moisturizer sunblock. After I only dash a little concealer underneath my eyes, I feel it lightens my face a lot. I like it because I don't have to apply foundation all over my face and sometimes I'd like to put on a little eye shadow and want my skin be able to breath. :P

How to enter:
Leave a comment and tell me which product you'd like. Well, you can say both to have more luck. hahah..

Keep it up for at least 3 comments and I will have a random pick next Sat. (10/31)

Good luck girls!!!

.......... Designer: Linda Loudermilk ...........

I finally meet w/ Linda loudermilk (center), a designer who are dedicated in designing organic clothes. She is so petite as you see I have to totally lean down! :P

BTW, that brown knitting wrap on her neck is made of organic MILK!!


shockboogiedesign said...

I really love the YSL Rouge Volupte line. Very pigmented, feels great on the lip, and I love the scent too! I already have 3 colors but would love to win another :) It also would be awesome to win the MUFE concealer. I haven't tried it but reading reviews about it makes me want it. I am looking for a new concealer so I can hide my "panda eyes". Too much late nights on the computer has turned me into a panda and I need all the concealing help I can get.


Jessica said...

Honestly, I never try both, because in my young age (20 y.o.) my friends and I have only tried Body Shop and some Sephora brands. So, I think it's a good thing to enter both because now I'd like to know how it feels like to try YSL and Makeupforever :)

KAREEN said...

i really like the ysl rouge volupte because it's very smooth and creamy and also have awesome colour payoff:)

susanh98 said...

OMG wow you are giving away makeup! yay!!!! Well ever since I saw your YSL lipcolor I tried getting it in but they didn't have that color available :(
I've never tried makeup forever before but I saw that brand is popular in Taiwan. I can't seem to find the right concealer because most of the time i find them very drying. I guess this is a must try!
You always give the best recommendations on purchases like the hudson black skinny jeans. I got them and I wear them so much!!! LOVE them.
Have a good weekend!!!

Elaine said...

I want both! I want both! I've been using muf's eyeliner and its the best eyeliner I've tried so far. Really wanted to try their concealer after reading ur post.

Btw I think u look better with next-to-nothing makeup. Lol almost nude face

Rose said...

Hi Strawberry! I am glad I found your blog. I have been following your 'mommy' posts on Purse Forum and love love love your style. As a mom of 2 year old triplets I need a little something to freshen my look. As you can imagine I always look tired. I want both! If they'll make me look as beautiful and well-rested as you, I NEED BOTH! LOL! Keep posting more modeling pics!

Claudia said...

Hi! R, yeah!! I'm a huge fan of YSL lipsticks. I especially love the nude colors because they compliment my skin color pretty well :) I haven't use the other brand MakeupForever yet. So,I would like to give a try too.

Good luck to all of us and thank you R!!!

dos3n said...

i want both! i was thinking about getting the ysl lipstick after your entry, but since you are giving it away i will take my chance! btw, love love love your outfit in the previous entry. your hubby is lucky to have such a hot mama for a lunch date!

Carrie said...

Ooohh I would love to try the YSL lipcolor! It looks like a perfect nude. Love your blog :)

Betsy C. said...

Rachel - Your giveaways are fun, so I'm entering. :P Thanks!

Kristine said...

Hii! I love reading your blog. You are such a fashionable mom! Plus your kids are super cute.
The YSL Rouge Volupte and Concealer looks amazing on you and I would love to try on me!

LilKristy said...

YAY! another give away :) Umm...... I would like to try the nude lipstick and the concealer :) YAY!

slegna said...

I'm sorry! The YSL Rouge Volupte made me comment! :) I just got one in peach passion and that's about the only color I can find on eBay. No.1 & 2 are what I really what to try!!! ahhh

Love your blog and you and your girls look so beautiful!

fabulous everything said...

I love make-up but I spend all my money on shoes, so I can only afford drugstore brands! :( I have been looking for concealer for the longest time, and I usually have no time for lipstick! The concealer would be great on my skin, I think we are almost the same shade.. or I'm a bit more yellow :P I think the YSL nude lipstick would be great for working in the legal field since it won't be noticeable to everyone except ME :)

Btw your eyelashes look gorgeous.. I must try that some time!

Liz W said...

I have the #1 Rouge Volupte. I love these lipsticks. I want to win the lipstick. You are super-stylish as always and make me laugh with your super-perceptive comments!

lovecoutureluxe said...

Wowwww! I totally love the YSL rouge volupte lipstick! I'm not big on lipsticks and I hardly ever wear lipsticks but this particular nude colored one got to me! If I were to win this, this would be my first lipstick which I would be wearing, not to mention, consistently since it is such a beautiful and neutral color! Thanks for giving me this opportunity in this giveaway! ;)

Love to you and your family, Adeliet

fabulous everything said...

i'm back! i'm so excited to enter this giveaway. i loveeee the lip color and concealer. they are just fabulous basics in a girls makeup kit!


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