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Blazer + Leggings!! The Ultimate Two Things for tis' Fall/Winter.

No matter your figures are tall, petite, chubby, muscular, skinny, slender, pear shape, boyish shape, apple shape or curvy shape, ......etc., must you have two up-to-date pieces in your wardrobe for this fall/winter --- blazer and Leggings. Seriously, they are an instant eye-catching outfit and never could go wrong on any type of body figure!!!

I just completed my blazer collection yesterday by adding ONE gray blazer/tuxedo style/jacket in my wardrobe. If you know me way back since last year, you must see my tuxedo style Emporio Armani wool jacket which I wore them to Paris last Nov. 2008. So pick a classic color such as black, gray, white or camel, it will be classic no matter what the style is!! ( I strongly believe that! :) )

I carried my-then-newly-bought Chanel Rodeo Drive large tote 08.

A local market next to the apartment we stayed in Pairs 2008.

Most my ensembles when visiting Pairs are leggings/pants tucked inside boots and that wool jacket. I never thought I had one single boring pic. for that trip!! :)

After you fab. girls vote from yesterday, I decided to wear just blazer and leggings for the rest of this week!!! Oh, can I do that? huh...? Let's see then!!!!!


1. TOP:
  • Tsesay coral wool tulip dress
  • Plastic Island long (boyfriend) blazer
2. Bottom: Wilfred riding style leggings
3. Shoes: Givenchy wedge boots
4. Accessory:
  • Banana Republic edition gold tassel necklace
  • Chanel 09 cruise matte white reissue 227

I always seem to find boots w/ unique leather grain/pattern to it.

Thursday is Ilona's busiest day, she has painting class in the morning and swimming class in the evening.
Considering she is only 2 yrs. old and 2 months. :) Hum...maybe I should sign her up for modeling!!! ha ha ha.. JK!!

I don't know if weather is the #1 culprit for to blame for Ilona's Eczema back in the March, it seems all gone until next year!! (I should keep my finger crossed) :)

A simple feminine coral color dress would really soften the assume-to-be boyish look of blazer and leggings outfit.

Thoughts for your outfit!!!

Do you girls know what's the color would most flatter your skin tone?

I am not talking about eye-shadows. (the colors of best eyeshadow for you are different from clothes you put on and I know neutral color like brown, taupe, camel would flatter most woman's eye)

Why do I ask? I am desperately looking for the answer myself recently because of my acting class. You know, when you can't do whole black outfit or even black n' white outfit for audition, picking a perfect ensemble is a hard task!!!

I can answer what colors I like easily but when I seriously think what colors of outfits would compliment me, I stunned. I would only answer maybe... this or that, but never thought of the differences between colors I like and colors of clothes which compliments me the most!! lol hah... Ok, I think I need to jog down at least 3 colors look best on me in the future!! No black and white!! hehe...

I didn't sleep until almost 3 AM yesterday... geez, look at that black circle underneath eyes... *sigh*.


Julia said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julia said…
i agree- none of your last year's Paris trip photos is boring.

i have not been to France. dh doesnt want to go for some reason, even his ancestors were French
litlstrawberry said…
what? Why? How come? Oh, I am in shock!!

Hum...... that's very very strange I must say. Did you ask him why? Maybe you did!! .... .... *thinking*.....

Thanks, girl. I do miss our last Paris trip very much!! :)
Anonymous said…
I love you in blazar and legging!! And i want to see the next grey blazar/tuxedo jacket too! Now i am going to look fwd to the whole week of your blaza+legging+boots combo! u look gorgeous in this orange dress i think its audition ready..

P.S. your pictures are never boring
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, cutie:

First of all...nop, it is an outfit for an audition..well, I should say that I am not audition ready. I am only doing acting for "self-develop" therapy. haha... However, if I ever feel I am prepared, polished, feeling brilliant about my acting, I might do it ONE DAY>..until then I only want to focus on my inner voice/acting. hehe..

Sure, I think I just browse throu. my tiny closet for all the jackets, blazer to make sure they are ready for their rotation. :) hee.....

oh, thanks. I hope to see more pic./blogging posts from you soon. :)
Anonymous said…
i love leggings! Hue now has those denim lookng leggings which i will have to get this weekend. i stayed away from blazers for a while, got really sick of them when I was working, but now i see how you are wearing them with leggings (never thought of that!) i might have to buy some. I really like different shades of blue/purple on me. however i can't seem to find too many clothes that looks good in color blue. How old were your kids when you took them to paris? hubby say it is still too early for our 3.5 year old, is it?
Katwalk said…
hey babe!!! I too have been addicted w/ blazers but the non sleeves blazers... Oh Im in season three already for gossip girl! hey do you watch privileged as well? its almost like gossip girl because of the designer loots in that show. Anyway I love love leggings as well! again I salute your layering ability.. loves it!!!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, dos:
I know what you mean by being tired of wearing blazer to work. :) Boring.... might be!! But you must notice that now the blazers are getting fancier and fancier, long, short, cropped, w/ shoulder details. flare at bottom, button.... blazer w/ leggings and even over knee high boots are so hot this season. Hum..I don't know if I will get over-knee high boots though. even I do, I probably will find one around $100 just to have a taste of FASHION trend for that . hee...

Oh, I took them to pairs last year and they are 4 (Niel), 3 (Abby) and 1 (Ilona). So I would say it is absolutely fine taking your 3.5 baby to Paris. The commute is so convenient and you have only 1. Oh, I brought my parents and rent a 3 bedrooms apartment. We stayed at st. German w/ all the fancy shops, supermarket and famous Cafe de flore ... at couple blocks away. It depends how long you are staying to determine if you want to stay at hotel or apartment w/ appliances. :)
litlstrawberry said…

how are you?

Hum... we are catching slowly as I still watch some other movies for my acting classes.

Right, leggings!! Can't never be bored w/ them and they are so versatile, I think I find them are fun to wear last year and get really addicted buying them. Look what's so hot this year.....all kinds of leggings and tights, print, patterns, colored, textured, w/ HOLES... you know I made one for myself. hahhaa...

Thanks girl. Oh, you are coming to LA very soon, right? How is your packing going, don't bring too heavy clothes for LA. It is HOT HOT HOT but do have couple pieces for layering if you are coming up to SF. As for rest of states, they are getting chill already!! :)
LOVE the Givenchy shoes and those Chanel bags are amazing! Your kids are sooooo cute!
Anonymous said…
thanks for the advice!
litlstrawberry said…
You are very welcome, dos.
Hi R! I'm back from Paris! Haha...good to see your previous Paris pix again. Makes me miss Paris although I just came back. But I miss my son I'm glad to be back to hug him and packing crazily for our move.

Speaking of blazer and leggings, I agree that blazer is a MUST in every single wardrobe. I love blazers and coats as well. Can't go anything wrong with it. But leggings...hmm..I have a different view on that. :P Probably because leggings are too body-hugging and will only flatter slim bodies like yours with thin calves. For larger calves people (like moi), leggings will not look that good. Hehe.

But you're blessed with a nice and tall slim figure. So leggings it is for you! You should play on that a bit more...I agree!

Oh....about colors....I think you look best in coral-pinkish colors. Next is white. Then navy. Love your coral tulip dress BTW.

Belated happy mid-autumn festival.


P.S. Next year, we wanna go to Greece and Istanbul with Mason.....what a challenge! :D

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