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29 September, 2014

Feather, do you think it is too delicate?

I love feather trims on any garments and when I spot something interesting with bird's feather, I dig. T-shirt are plain and occasionally, I might be in the mood dressing as a minimalist so I'd dig into the deserted corner of my wardrobe looking for one. But this Ostrich Tee is not the case. The ostrich feather is so soft and it makes me feel so luxury yet effortless sexy at the same time. The light and fluffy ostrich feather also remind me of cotton candy. Oh, except I am an adult and I am not a fan of sticky cotton candy but I am sure that I am equally excited of wearing ostrich tee as little girl is enjoying her cotton candy in hand. Ha~ 

No.21 ostrich tee, Linda Loudermilk organic bamboo dress, Nubu leather clutch, Hermes leather bracelet, Strategia boots, multi-colored ribbon necklace, Karen Walker pink squared sunglasses 

 Almost fool me there with that "Y" character.... YSL?? 
Nay, Nubu it is!!! 

 There are equally intricate details in the front of No.21 ostrich tee as in Linda Loudermilk dress in the back. The pic. didn't have good lighting to show here. 

 Play with the right portion and details, T-Shirt can be both casual and sexy looking without showing a whole lot skin. 

Wear your t-shirt with subtle details. 
xoxo Rachel 

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