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05 June, 2010

The Arrival Day of Taipei (Day 1)!

Departure from SFO at 1:35 AM
The exciting moment before both of Abby and Ilona knocked themselves out!!!

I am surprised that my face didn't turn out sticky and smudge; Instead, the air is fresher and temperature is cooler after the rain of last week. I can wear my J Brand twill jeans all day along and not sweat in it!!^^

Arrival at Taipei 6:10 AM
I never had jet leg, not even when I was a flight attendant. We have an old saying: Work at sunrise and sleep at sunset!! Which simply means let our body follows the nature of yin yang.  

What's great about living at tropical countries...your skin will never have a dull moment!! ...the moist up in the air!! ^^

I left two girls to my Dad and paid a visit on Eslite Bookstore alone! Yes, it feels great to be alone, to be single (not literally) and to be able to sip a cup of coffee in a city where I grow up once again!!        


They are cute book covers. 

Now, no one would know what I am reading at! ^^

1. Top:
  • Free People spagaitti straps cam. in pink flower prints
  • J Crew cardigan w/ silk pockets
2. Bottom: J Brand twill cropped jeans
3. Shose: Sam Edelman gladiator flat sandal
4. Accessory: PS1 yellow / lilith vinyl shopping bag

You don't think I'd be gone for long the first day at Taipei. Only 2 hrs. recharge of myself, I am back to my girls!!

It rains a little but that doesn't affect our mood of walking around the city!

Love in Taipei!!
xoxo Rachel

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