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05 June, 2010

The Vivid Lens for Your Eyes (Day 2)!

6/5/2010 Day 2 in Taipei 
Weather: Ominous sky - cloudy n' rain

I have couple tasks requested from friends in USA.... and since my little girls still wake me up around 5 AM in the morning, I probably can fulfill their shopping list by the first week!

As I said, I tried to be persistently phlegmatic about things that didn't catch my attention at the first place, and in this case, it is the vivid colors of lenses and enlarged-cornea lenses.  ....But curiosity kills the CAT, I bought myself a couple colors of lens as well. (I think I have tried those like 10 years ago but oh well,....... ) ^^

This is daily disposal purple lens which I think extremely flattered my eyes and hair color!!


upper eye: Georgio Armani black eyeliner
Lower eye: JK (Jemma kidd)  03 pin up eye liner (bought at Target)
mascara: Maybelline pulse perfection black w/ automatic vibrating 

I didn't apply fancy eyeliner nor pearl simmers to highlight the corner of my eyes but the result is lovely already!!

This is daily disposal in Brown and I have yet to tried it on! 


Burberry black dress
lilith purple gingham apron/cover-up
Polka Dot puffed quarter sleeves sweater 
Anne Valerie Hash taupe brogues
Givenchy Tinhan hobo w/ studs
(Pardon the mess of my room......)

Tomorrow I should head out to take real pictures.

Have a good Day. 
xoxo Rachel

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