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19 April, 2011

Day 3 at Kauai, Classic and Vintage!

I am still in PST zone until this morning as I woke up at 6 AM local time 3 days in a row.  But today I am totally exhausted after we got back to hotel after a whole day's expedition. We didn't plan much until tomorrow when the weather gets very sunny. The weather here in Kauai is normally overcast in the morning, but very sunny and humid during noon and then it rains a while in the afternoon. Quite interesting, I must say! 

Kids love the pools in the hotel and I did my ritual Yoga exercise in the gym while overlooking the ocean. Love the calm!! 

(Moda SWIM white swimming suit.)

I love this white bathing suit very much, for its elegant and classic look! 

Irene and I worn sister-looking white outfit again..Well, I seem to wear less fabric than Irene does most of the time. {laughing}

On Irene: Opening Ceremony 


The replica statue of Captain James Cook. 

VINCE oversized top
Rock & Republic flared jeans
BCBG generation wedge sandal
Africa Turquoise necklace and Blue Turquoise bangle (this trip's score)

Waiting for Sunset outside THE BEACH HOUSE RESTAURANT! 


If you ask me:  "Is it worth the price to dine at that restaurant?" I'd say, it is worthwhile with the whole package...meaning, the food, the view, the sunset, and the people!! 

Have fun with me in Kauai as we travel. 
xoxo Rachel 


Mona P said...

These flare jeans look great on you! Love the whole look, very effortless!

litlstrawberry said...

Thank you, Mona. We are very relax here as there is not much I can do nor things in mind to care about. ^^


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