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16 April, 2011

1st Day to Kauai...Drama!!

First of all, gotta share this info. with all of you. For domestic flight in USA, the airport requires you to arrive in the airport 45 mins. prior to the flight's take-off! Being late already as we also thought we need kids' passport flying to Hawaii and turned back home to get it....and then was informed by a friend that they did the same thing of turning back home for kids' passport when they flew to Hawaii in Feb. However, their agent told them that the kids passports is a total unnecessary as long as adults have their IDs!  BOO~~~

We are so late that it is impossible to catch the flight but I still tried my best to run as fast as possible in my Chanel Maxi dress :P ....of course, they'd already closed the gate while me and 3 kids got there. Yes, as you guessed, we missed our flight!!!! Another BOO~ Hubby was blocked as the airport officer requests us/him checking in our "too big" luggage but luckily, he met a very nice United Air ground staff who did everything in her power to get us on next flight. Even though we have to en-route from LA to Kauai, Hawaii, we are so appreciated that UA staff's kind gesture as not only 5 of us get on the same flight, she also seat us in "Economic Plus" area without giving us $50 each fine for changing the tickets.  

I never know UA has "Economic Plus" section where the seats are much wider and bigger compares to normal Economic seats.  But now I know!! ^^

It is dinner time when we arrived Lihue by 5 PM. We found a nice, family oriented noodle house on the way to our hotel, The Westin Princeville resort! Everything we ordered is delicious and they pair every dish with lots of vegetables just what we need when traveling. ^^

(RIght above; glass noodles which I never saw/tasted before!) 

One Bedroom Suite 

Good amenity: you can have BBQ right by the pool and they have fully equipped grill right by the pools...tons of pools and grills. 
And if you want something nice/simple/quick or forgot to pack something, they have almost everything included from detergent, coffee, breakfast, lunch to dinner, ... 

Because 3 hours time difference, kids woke up at 5 AM local time, 7 AM, we already start our day in Kauai. 

"Vitamin A" Swimming suit (love the vibrant color and little ruffles)


kids' pool

I realized I am so "pale"...maybe I should start tanning myself... haha.... 

Irene's family finally here as I am editing my blog and we are heading off to St. Regis beach in the afternoon. 

Have fun with me as we travel!
xoxo Rachel 

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