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14 April, 2011

Flared Jeans and Color Pop!!

I found this Rock and Republic flared jeans at NM today and absolutely love how it fits on me. The cutting is great in terms of low rise but doesn't bother me around crotch and has great elasticity hugging at the bottom. I assume this style runs somewhat big as I wore this pair in size 24 compared to my normal jeans size 25/26.

I think I am now an expert of packing considering we travel to Taipei, Europe, Hawaii almost every year with 3 kids.  I pack essentially for everyone and fabulous for myself. ^O^

What exactly I packed? 
Swimming suit, swimming suit, swimming suit and Yoga outfit... friends joked that I could wear swimming suits everyday for 6 days in Kauai.

Left top: clog and Rag & Bone wedge boots

One of our mommy friends is too busy to find a matching pair of socks for herself..... well, imagine those mix-matched socks were hiding in the fierce looking of Rag & Bone hilarious!!!!!!  


Did you notice the socks?....No, I didn't mix-match them. ^^



1. Top:
Vince neon orange

2. Bottom:
some prints skirt

3. Accessory:
Silver loop earrings with beads
Socks (bought at Barneys')
Hermes Gris T 35cm Birkin

4. Shoes:
YSL iridescent taupe tribute platform sandals

In 7 hours, we will be on our way to Hawaii. ^^

Have a relaxed spring break. 

xoxo Rachel


Mona P said...

Have a great time, Rachel!

litlstrawberry said...

Thank you, Mona!!
We had a small drama this morning and we missed our flight,,....
But luckily, we catch another flight transit thro. LA so we are waiting and relaxing in the LA airport now!!! Hopefully there is no drama and we will be in Kauai in no time!!!


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