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08 April, 2011

Spring Knit!!

Yeah, the weather, dreadful chilly even in California today!! Never thought I could wear this cute knitting outfit in March!! 

Simple color scheme is perfectly paired with a pouch of bright/strong color.......RED! 



  • no brand knitting dress (potentially a great calf-length skirt and I will show you how..... ^^)
  • no brand cropped cardigan
  • Francisca gold threads with tube bead earrings
  • Chanel 11A Rouge Fonce reissue 226 with gold HW
  • BCBG generation nude/pinkish wedge (Super comfy)
  • Barton Perrieira cat's eye sunglasses
$30 wool dress + $25 cardigan + $88 wedge + $14 Francisco earrings + $3700 Chanel bag + $450 Barton perrieira sunglasses ......Who's the culprit,Chanel bag!! ^O^

Work out your back muscles to strengthen your back and spine and especially it helps to balance your front and back to look even sexier!

Please do not freak out by how strong my triceps looks there. (right)
^O^'s the shading... ,really. 


Have fun with your knit clothes and jazz it up with bright accessories!
xoxo Rachel


Charles said...

beautiful photos! I love your dress :)

Pearl Westwood said...

Lovely outfit, but that bag WOW!!

Pearl Westwood said...

Lovely outfit, but that bag WOW!!

Felix and Betsy said...

<3 your wedges! btw, when are you leaving? it's been slightly hectic that i haven't had a chance to drop off your book. sorry!!

Mona P said...

Looking fantastic, Rachel! Love the knit dress with the pop of color from your red Chanel flap!


litlstrawberry said...

Thx, girls! Everyone seems love knitting clothes as much as I do!
Betsy, I am leaving on Fri. But no worries, Irene bought a travel book already!thanks though!


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