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12 April, 2011

Life is a Random Encounter!

Irene and my family are going for a vacation to Kauai, Hawaii this Fri.  My dearest friend, Betsy, who just dropped me off her travel book in my mail box today.  And thanks to her that we won't make a total fool of ourselves in Kauai. ^^ *kudos and kisses* to Betsy!!

I have a friend who asked me to recommend her a nice moisturizer.... other than NIA 24 Niacin SPF 30, I love Flower Harmonizing Cream from Chantecaille. 

I love the richness of this Lip Potion when applied at night and it also gives a shiny glow if you wear it during the day.  ^O^


I am going to give it a try of "Concentrated Restorative Treatment" in our coming up Kauai trip.

Silly photos.

Elfi Atendorfer Black/yellow beads on small safety-pin necklace on Irene which echos the color splashes on her Tory Burch skinny jeans.

Have fun and be happy!
xoxo Rachel


Betsy said...

Thanks for the shout out! I just hope you will find it handy if you are looking for information.

Btw, I love NIA24 facial sunblock that you recommended. Highly rec to all other ladies who want to block off the UV rays!

litlstrawberry said...

I am glad you like it.... I just recently recommend it to my other gal. ^^

Camila Cocker Spaniel Inglés said...

"La Mer" is just the best!


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