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Fun at Santa Monica, Disneyland and California Adventure!!

So it turns out I didn't burn the fuse of the dryer, instead, the exhaust duct was clogged. It costs us $205 to have someone come over just to clean up the duct. They found zipper pull, one small button and tiny metal parts came off from clothes inside the duct which cause the malfunction of the dryer.

Well, I should have asked my DH to do it ourselves. Anyway, it brings to my attention that I have to make sure that we zip the jackets and jeans every time we wash or dry the clothes.


Those are the pics. taken when we were in LA last weekend. I brought along only my Chanel mini black caviar flap and it worked wonders w/ my trip!!!

4/1 /2009

This was taken in the room the first night (last Wed.) we arrived at Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica around 12 AM.

I love the side look from this microsuede fringe vest.

We had a suite room and they did pretty good job on remodeling the interior.

My son knows he sleeps better on the king sized bed !! :)

This is the queen sofa bed in the living room.

The look from outside the Georgian Hotel. ( The smaller one w/ yellow n' blue paint. )


DH went to work and I took kids to the pier in Santa Monica. We walked along the beach and there were only few people jogging and bicycling in the morning. I didn't realized it was only 9:30 AM when we left the hotel. lol

Yes, nothing is really going on at 9:30 AM at the beach.

We went back to hotel and drive us to down town. Literally, it is only next to our hotel but w/ little children, 10 mins. walk can be painful for both of us since I am not familiar w/ the environment. I park in a public parking in Downtown Santa Monica (Promenade st.) and eat at
Budda's Belly which is more like an Asia fusion type of restaurant). They provides kids w/ a sketching pad instead of crayon that my kids are bored of already.

I was so amused by looking at my little daughter seriously doing her sketching. She is only 20 months old.

I love calamari and they have this spicy calamari salad which is perfect for me!!

I was surprised that at the end, I didn't pay a dime for parking and it probably is because we parked not even an hour.

I drove kids back to Pier and we had so much fun there. When we were back in hotel, it was already 4 PM and they all past out till 7 PM. Then we went to pick up my DH from work in Culver city.

My look. Blazer, shirt, mini jean skirt w/ bright colored scarf, Lanvin flat and Chanel black mini flap!!!!

Kids love this rocking pirate mobile boat which swings 180 degree.


Today we will check out from Georgian Hotel and check in to Marriott Hotel in Anaheim city later. But I still have to take care of 3 kids alone as DH needs to work. This time I know better downtown Promenade st.. So I decided to spend a day and walk us around the neighborhood there. We checked out around 11 AM. but we can leave our luggage in the hotel's storage room as well as park our car in the hotel until midnight.

I am glad I found Barnes & Noble bookstore and we spent quite some time there.

Kids love ice cream and they are fascinated by an ice cream garbage bin. :)

I changed my bottom to this coral high-waist skinny jeans from Levis. I wore my Chanel two toned pumps!! Now I can carry my Chanel Valentine's Coral flap when wearing this pair of jeans for a perfect color matching look!!!!

My revolving look in the afternoon after I bought Diesel gladiator heels!

We went to pick up DH in Culver city again around 7 PM. I make sure my kids were all exhausted from walking around on the streets so they can all rest in the car when driving to Anaheim city. lol


DH finally doesn't have to meet w/ his clients. See, weekends are family time!!!

We bought park hopper tickets for 2 days so we can visit both Disneyland and California Adventure. We are lucky that we escape the crowd from spring vacation which is next week. I can't imagine how can we stand both the heat/sun and the crowd if we visit Disneyland during the summer. 2 kids are more manageable but visiting Disneyland w/ 3 younger dudes, we would be testing our physical limit then.

I don't even know HER name in this character!!! haha.....

Both of my two elderly kids are over 40 inches height so they can ride most of the rides.

The worst decision I made is I should have brought along our double or triple stroller!!! My kids are tired of walking and fighting for seats the whole time!!

Peter Pam and carousel are still my kids' favorite.

We went back to Disney land after kids' nap for fireworks. They saw Tinkerbell flying on the sky and absolutely amazed by the "magic". I took both of my elderly kids to ride Space Mountain that night and now my son told me that he would never ride it again!!! haha.... I would say my daughter is probably the youngest one to ride that too!!!!

Off we watch the fireworks!!

Last day in LA. We took kids to California Adventure. I had Zara dress wore as my tiered top and tuck the bottom/skirt into the shorts. There I have a new look from recycling my clothes.

We still ride couple rides in Disneyland since California adventure won't open till 10 AM. I am glad we arrived earlier and it is more efficient as the line is not long!!

We decided to rent another stroller to make our life easier!!! Compared Disneyland to California Adventure, I think I like Disney land a little better. And definitely take advantages of taking trains around each theme park and Fastpass service when visiting Disney land as it really shorten the waiting time in the line!!

Next time, if I travel within USA, I will make sure I don't pack much clothes as I can shop more during traveling!!!!

I don't know if I still have the guts to ride free-fall but this jelly fish ride is sure milder for me!! hah... and my kids love it too!!

Bye Bye, LA, until next time we visit it again. We love LA for different vibes but we hated the traffic too. We will take kids back to Disneyland or San Diego zoo for sure but that might be next year!!!!!!


Wai Thit said…
R~ Seem like u had such a lovely time in LA.. did u meet anyone (Izy or N?) ALl your outfits are very you.. very chic and your kids are very very cute!!! are u in LV already?
litlstrawberry said…
hi, Cutie: I can't squeeze into time to meet them...too bad!!! I dedicated this short get-away for my kids so I didn't plan to meet w/ Isabel nor Nancy.

We gals are going to Vegas this Sat.

... .... I have not packed yet and I am still doing and cleaning my house.
Betsy said…
Great travel recap! That picture of your kids all asleep on the backseat of the car cracked me up - a parent's dream. Peace and quiet on a car ride. :)

Welcome back!
Maria Jensen said…
Hi, saw your post about you and your family staying in Georgian Hotel. Planning on going to L.A on my own for the first time, 19 years old (heeelp!) what did you think of the hotel?

Maria J

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