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02 April, 2009

Off We Go LA!!

This is what I wore to Santa Monica on Wed. evening. I was having fun pairing shoes and finally decided to wear Lanvin flat.

1. TOP:

  • Zara blue tiered dress
  • Target bought floral brooch
  • Plastic Island black blazer
2. Shoes:

  • Lanvin flat
  • CL studded pump
  • SR patent red buckle heels
3. Bag: Chanel Black mini flap w/ silver HW

This little dress is very casual sexy.

Since blazers are so popular, I simply throw one on me for an effortless (a.k.a. lazy) , pull-off together look.

w/ SR heels

w/ Lanvin flat

How about a fun look with fringe vest?!? Vests are cool and they flatter every type of body figure too.

I am using public computer in Marriott Hotel. I have not uploaded any new pic. except for those are done on wed. evening. I will share rest of the adventure pic. after I got home on Sunday evening.

Today, we took kids to Disneyland for their very first time. In the afternoon, we went back to hotel for their nap. Now I am waiting for them to be recharged for tonight's more adventurous Disneyland fun.

And those are the shoes I brought w/ me to LA. So far, I didn't wear Boss orange Mary-Jane platform heels yet and I don't think I would wear them here in LA. I bought a new pair of gladiator heels from Diesel. They are great looking shoes as well as comfortable to walk w/, plus, they are only $220. Good enough for this s/s to me!!!


milkshake214 said...

Rachel! You're so dedicated to your blog that you update it even on vacation. The dress looks good with all 3 pairs oh shoes. Hope you guys had a great time at Disney!

Betsy said...

Oooohhh - new heels from Diesel! Can't wait to see them once you get back. :) How was your experience with Disneyland, specifically with the youngest daughter. We brought my kids over the holidays too. It was a lot of fun for DS (3.5) but it was slightly overwhelming for DD (2). But I love Disneyland so I'd go back too, just maybe sometime later.

Anyhow, you look very cute with this ensemble and I appreciate the added personal touch with the inexpensive Target brooch. I bet you were the best dressed mom in Disneyland. LOL.

isabel said...

Rachel - Love the blue dress!! It's so cheery and summery, did you find it a bit cold to wear it though? Anyway, I can't wait to see your diesel sandals. It's too bad we don't get to meet this time. Oh, I will be going to Taiwan end of April/beginning May, when are you going?

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, girls:
we just got back yesterday around 10 PM. Kids are tired out from 2 days adventures in Disneyland and California adventure.

Nancy: you know, I was too busy to even find a time to call you. But whenever I drove to Culver city to pick up my DH, I thought about you. :)
Oh, Nancy: yes, I am devoted to myself as much as to my family. I enjoy and don't want waste any min. of my life. (that's why I end of being this super hyper all the time. lol)

Hi, Betsy: yes, I like the Diesel heels very much. It is a great pair for me to look fashionable w/o cost me an arm and a leg. loves Disneyland but the most difficult one is my older daughter as I should have brought double or triple stroller w/ us. She is so tired from walking and lining up. I don't know how people could tolerant the sun w/ such young kids. I guess I can stand colder (not freezing) weather (that's why we visited Paris in Nov. last year). I don't think we'd visit there again this year. haha...

I ate too salty last weekend and carry them a lot, I didn't notice my left "foot" is swelling until we are on our way back to SF in the car. I think my ankle didn't recover from my last sprain and I need to make an appointment w/ Doc. tomorrow.

Man, I have to say that I am too devoted to my LIFE...and my kids and I forgot about my body's complaint. haha..

Hey, Isabel:
You know, we decided to get park hopper for 2 days tickets so I didn't call you to meet up on Sun. I guess it is better for us to meet up in SF so my DH can watch the kids.

OH...cold? what are you talking about...the morning and night is cooler but rest of the day is like.....HOT HOT HOT. oh...of course I have a light coat or blazer on all the time. I am only taking pic. of the dress before I head down to LA.

End of April, so your son will skip rest of the school?? MY kids will end the class early of June but I plan to take them back end of May.

litlstrawberry said...

oh, I guess I will add along our fun pic. w/ my ODJ.

Purse Addict said...

Hope you guys had fun in LA :) Love the CLs!! Its amazing how certain styles you really have to try on or see on other people before you realize how great they look!


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