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08 September, 2010


Everyone has his/her expectation toward certain things throughout the life...  may it be the self-image of body figure, the career, the salary,.. the friendship, parents to their kids, kids to their parents, the husband to wife, or vice versa, and we are by no means following the expectation to certain point.

The past weekend, Ilona is still under the reluctant mode of going to school.  She told me every night that she'd cry the whole day at school.  At the end, I have to threaten her that if she doesn't go to bed right now or go to school tomorrow she won't receive any Christmas gift from Santa. :P

I don't know how much bargaining chips I need just for raising one kid.  Ilona is very deft about this that she'd say she doesn't want/like any toy/candy from Santa anymore. In this case, I'd lose ..... but again, I am glad that "authority" is what's left.  Ilona still goes to school crying for a while but at least these past two days, she starts talking about "school fun" again. ^^

We'd count all the pumpkins at school before we walk Ilona into her class.
See Ilona has that grudge face! lol 

Jean Paul Gautier floral print sheer tank, TSEsay orange knitting dress, Elisabeth & James long vest, Helmut lang suede crimson pants, Dior patent quilted boots, J crew belt, BR belt, jade w/ 18K gold earrings, Lanvin Happy sac. 

I double and cross belt these two belts...for fun!

When DH stays home till noon, he'd "kind of expect" me to cook lunch for him..... sometimes I do, sometimes I don't and today, I am in the mood!!

You know, what's really good about "ready and just heat-it-up pouch?"
You can make them not just look like home-made but also taste like home-made cooking. 
I, of course, add more ingredients, some spices, and freshly picked "Parsley" from our garden to this dish. 

What's my expectation?

Just relax till I figure out how to open a store!! ^^

A shirt from Anthro.  Plain, retro, cheap and comfortable!! ^O^

 ... I am going to see how it turns out after I pair it w/ H&M pants I bought together last weekend.

Stay tuned.
xoxo Rachel

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you've made some stuning choices again - well done you !! I've just done my first fashion shoot so you might like to let me know what you think...


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