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28 September, 2010


A lot of you said that you'd melt away just by looking at me in the yesterday's picture. lol

"Woe is me!!".... I guess I sort of becoming a fashion victim that I so much want to wear fall/winter clothes...haha... and didn't realize sooner enough that we are still in SUMMER!! (Abacedebra~ summer goes away~~ ^^)

I promise tomorrow I'd show you my arms and legs then.......... ^O^


My ODJ. 

1. Top:
 Givenchy tank w/ green/black sun burst sequin pattern veil in front

2. Bottom:
Romeo and Julia sequin cropped leggings

3. Accessory:
Louis Vuitton mini monogram runway clutch 08'
J Crew crystal stack bracelet (current)

4. Shoes:
Pierre Hardy gray/brown/black platform sandal 10A


As you see, DH took those pictures in the evening and because of his lack of an aesthetic eye, he didn't even notice all that piles of stuff behind me. 

Pardon US!! ^O^
Girls, I'd say if you can wear high heels...go get this Pierre Hardy ones. You won't be disappointed!!

See you tomorrow.
Eat healthy, exercise there is no secret of staying fit if you ask me.
xoxo Rachel


Joy said...

very tempted with this pair of heels... but I couldn't find them anywhere in HK so I'll have to order online from US... So it's important that I get the size right... sigh...

In your experience, do you think this pair runs true to size? I am usually a 36.5 but for CL heels I go from 35.5-38!!! And I haven't tried Pierre Hardy before so I am really lost...

Thanks for your help! I read your blog everyday and I love it! Will share more thoughts next time!!! :)


litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Joy, it is so nice to hear from "strangers' thoguhts" once a while. But don't worry about leaving comments as I know a lot of people enjoy "reading" and "thinking" rather than "writing" ... ^^

Yes, as far as the size is concerned, it is normal for wearing CL heels in that WIDE range, me too. But this Pierre Hardy heels is really true to size. It is half hidden platform, sandal which makes it rather comfortable compared to other close toe or even open toe heels. Make sure you walk gracefully though since it is so so so high!! lol

If your feet fit normally in size 36.5, then I can promise you that you would fit in the same size for this pair but you still want to go up half size, (37) in case they run out of sizes too. My feet is size 38.5 and I had tried both size 38.5 and 39, then I picked size 39. You know, I don't want my feet got "pushed" OVER the peep toe edge when walking in them... you know how sometimes people's toes go OUT OF board of their peep toe heels and that's just /..... not very glamorous. :P

Hope you do find this gorgeous pair and rock them!! ^^

Have a great day!


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