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14 September, 2010

Edgy, Feminine, and Fun -- Walk Into Fall in Pierre Hardy Platform Sandal!!

I guess I will have to be vigilant whilst wearing this Pierre Hardy SKY HIGH sandals  at all times. As far as the height is concerned, it is probably the highest platform in my shoe collection.  But thanks to its chunky heels, I'd still rank it as "the most comfortable heels" among all other good-looking heels. 

DH thinks I am challenging his HEIGHT in this pair!! lol. 



1. Top:
Theory black tee
J Crew merino wool cardigan 

2. Bottom:
Romeo & Juliet contour sequin leggings (some brand that I never heard of...^^)

3. Accessory:
Lacoste watch
BR gold studs belt
Laser-cut earrings
Beige scarf shrug or shrug as scarf....... ^^
Alexander Wang Gray Rocco Duffel bag w/ studs

4. Shoes:
Pierre Hardy platform Sandal in Olive/Gray/Black 


I think I am 6' here. 

I love those giant buckles .... uber chic!!

Do you see the autumn in my ensemble or from my door wrath?! ^O^

Olive/Gray/Black/Beige works perfectly!

What's your highest pair of shoes?
Have some fun w/ them, would you!!
xoxo Rachel 


janettaylor said...

Excellent, Honey! :)

litlstrawberry said...

hah, Janet:
Are you craving that pumps yourself?? It is a pretty color but almost too soft side for my liking!!

Mona P said...

The colors in your outfit work so well with your new shoes!

You look great!

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Mona. ^^

I know I'd buy something in full price when I can really work it w/ my wardrobe.

ceci said...

Stunning! Wow! 6' with the heels! OMG!

I'm surprised you haven't came across R&J Couture before! (Well, I know you love wearing skirts, but not jeans/leggings!) They have many leggings/jeans & in fact when I was pregnant last year, I was basically lived in my fave Zebra-printed R&J leggings! From their web, I just realized the company was founded in 1999 for the European market! Anyway, you sequin leggings is something I was always looking for, but then I don't see I have any occasion to wear! You always a step ahead of us! Haha!

Anh said...

This is my favorite outfit from you!!!!!! I Love it!!!


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