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21 September, 2010

Raspberry Red Chameleon n' Chanel!!

 I said that I'd dress up in colors corresponding to those on Chameleon I saw.  Here I am.

Chie Mihara cut-out boots (past season)

It is chill in the morning so I can bear that big collar, BLOODY red sweater.

(Pardon my NG tights. ^O^)

It is getting too warm at noon and I had to shade off that sweater.  Accordingly, change the heels. 

Kron by Kron Kron. shoes

Do you like RED bag?

See you tomorrow. 
xoxo Rachel 


janettaylor said...

Totally love!

Anh said...

I love the red bag!! It's gorgeous, is it the new shinier, softer caviar? Lovely!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Anh:

I didn't feel it is soft side of caviar or perhaps my senses is kind numb.... :P It doesn't look shinier to me either... All in all, it is a very dark red w/ black or navy tinted bag in my opinion.

Julia said...

the color of the bag is unique - and you are gratitude toward unique things. :)

it doesn't show a little orange tint under the sun - i noticed it in your last picture. it is so weird how orange and raspberry exist in one color! only chanel dare to do that.

this color looked very good with your red sweater...

susanh98 said...

WOWOWOWOW!!! Love that red. It is truly beautiful. So will you be able to part with it afterwards? :P You wanted to get it for your mom right? Or are you keeping it since it's not a 227 size? hehehe.
Anyway it is truly beautiful congrats!
I am forced to be content with my Chanel collection as the price hikes are just too ridiculous that I refuse to buy one more :( booo
Oh and enjoy your london and italy trip you lucky girl!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Julia: yeah, I know, it seems hard to see any orange tone in that RASPBERRY red..even I gave up the hope the someone would actually believe me. haha..

THanks, I think as the age goes UP, I tend to love RED more... *sigh* :P

litlstrawberry said...

Ah, oh, Susan:
How dare you to remind me that RED is intended to buy for my mom.. you just broke my heart... :P Ok, JK.

I know, that's why I went back the next day thinking about that RED. Should I exchange it or should I wait to get her JUMBO for her birthday and Christmas gift all together. ^^ Maybe I can score a RED in ROme????

Yes you know, honestly, I think I am done w/ Chanel. IT is ridiculous w/ their price. We should all boycott it. ha~

And yes, we are planning every detail of our London and Italy trip SLOWLY..... so slow, I mean I am also reading all the travel guild and deciding whether should we rent a car when in transit in between Rome to Florence and Florence to Milan or just take train!!

susanh98 said...

I say keep your 226 and buy her a jumbo ;P then you guys can swap sometimes! hahaha
i hope you can score some good things in Rome. I'm sure you will.
hmm car or train? i bet your kids would love the train right?
sounds like so much fun!!!!

my Angel Closet said...

Nice red bag! I like the red top too :) You have a great week ahead!


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