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20 September, 2010

NEW Nude Face For A/W.

I bought this Giorgio Armani lipstick 08/09 cruise.

I always liked FUR but never know fur collar could be so versatile. 

We went all the way to Science Museum in SF city on Sunday. I didn't check the battery sack on my camera until it rans out.... pardon the pictures as they were from my I-phone!

Make great use of your clothes, and they are going to last couple seasons until you get rid of them. 

I am not sure why Niel looks so grumpy there~~

I am feeling kinda ROCK-n'-ROLL because of that chain on my belt... ^^

My ODJ. 

1. Top:
J Crew pattern shirt
Zara tan top
DVF (Diane Von Furstenberg) wool beige vest
2. Bottom:
Max Co. cropped drop-crotch pants
3. Accessory:
some brand of chain belt
Some brand of tassel earrings 
Proenza Shouler mustard PS1 clutch 
4. SHoes:
Kron by KronKron shoes

See, I never re-apply my lip color so I never finish any of my lip colors......

You know, a guy w/ tattoo all over his arm complimented my Kron Kron shoes in Science Museum's Cafe, and a woman said that I smell good (I wore Hermes Kelly "cachet" sample from my SA ^^)......since when people all become fashion critics in SF city!! lol. 

This is the most beautiful/colorful chameleon I have ever seen so far. 
You know what, I got so inspired by his/her intricate color palette and I think I'd dress accordingly of those colors in the future. ^O^

Who says that you can't have more than 3 colors in one outfit!?! Those golden rules are not so suitable anymore. lol

What about TIm Gunn's new book of "Gunn's Golden Rules"? I am definitely a follower of his philosophy: Make it Work....just about everything!! ^^

Have a great Monday. 
xoxo Rachel 


LS said...

Yeah, it's been a while since I updated my blog...I plan to update it ASAP. And yes, I guess it would be weird for the woman to be wearing Chanel in an Italian book haha.

As I already said on fb, I love your lipstick colour for fall, hehe and it matches your shoes too. Also, your DVF vest looks very warm and cozy!

Can't wait to see your future outfits inspired by the chameleon!


litlstrawberry said...

haha... Laura:
No wonder you look very familiar on FB...somehow I am so stupid that I can't seem to relate LAURA to YOU!! ... I apologize... ^^

I rarely wear lip colors .. mostly during winter. Perhaps I seldom talk nor open my mouth in such cold weather... :P so lip color tends to stay longer! haha..

Another reason I would assume it is "the age". The age that I think some lip colors would look sophisticated on woman. *sigh*...getting OLDer....

Ha, the chameleon, I hope I can still do it since I am thinking of wearing my "shorts" of that teal/green color!! ^^

Have a good day!!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Haha- I do the same- I always read the comments to my monkeys.

Well your little ones pictured in this post are very cute and I think that even the pout face it cute.

It looks like you had a nice family visit to the park and I am love the outfit.


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