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12 September, 2010

Eat, Love, Pray!!



1. Top:
Stella McCartney bow tank blouse
2. Bottom:
Agnes' b full skirt w/ asymmetrical cut
3. Accessory:
Chloe orange Sally
URBN leopard tights
4. Shoes:
Louis Vuitton Suhali leather sling-black



You know, I love shopping and I especially love to shop for gifts.  I love to see the exciting expression on my friend's face the moment they open the gift box.  

Today (Saturday), I am so joyful to shop for a new baby girl, Annabelle!! It has been a while that I get to pick up "baby clothes". You know, the tiniest clothes that you'd long forgot they actually fit in a new born. ^^ 


You know what's the most clever way to shop for baby's clothes as gifts!!??

.... Never pick clothes in the same range of age.... 

I bought 18-24 mo. red trench coat, 6 to 12 mo. checkered blouse, 2 yr. leggings (wear from pants to cropped leggings in the future) and a pair of 6 to 12 mo. socks for my friend's new baby girl, Annabelle.

You know, this way, your gifts will be worn and remembered 
"the longest" ... lol


Tonight, we had a wonderful reunion w/ our church cell. I can't say that I am a good Christian because it has been a while since the last time I went to the church to pray for GOD. But I do pray in daily basis w/ my children and they are used to saying little prayer before bed.

PS. Seal Bay triple cream cheese is so good that it becomes my new favorite spreading cheese!!!! (it shows in the center of cheese plate w/ a spreader on.)

Ilona and I also received a long past due birthday cards from my friends, Sally, tonight! 
The girl in the card(right) looks so VAIN and that's so ME. ^O^ (right) 

Thanks Sally for the cards and for being a good friend of reminding me to be close to God. 

A small party was arranged for Abby's 5 years old birthday on Friday evening. 

Thanks to Melody's help that our velvet cup cake is very yummy and successful.  The mix is bought from William Sonoma.

I did that frosting which is also very successful .... I am proud of myself cause' it is my first time making frosting myself!! lol

You know, looking at this picture reminds me that I should shop for "frosting tips" tomorrow!!! 

Love that crimson color. 

You wouldn't believe that i just stayed home over the weekend or only shopped for gifts, would you!?..... :P

You are right, I was at Barney's on Friday morning!!

I snap this one (brown) right away!! (Chris and Jaime)

Chris and Jaime.(small company from LA which is first time carried by Barney's)


You can't see the price...but believe me, it is fabulous/reasonable.
$176!!!! @@

Alexander Wang Addison platform boots. 
You can do a full size UP for this style. 


I can't seem to find any lace-up boots actually gets my attention but these two styles had my heart!! Alexander Wang and Perry Hardy. 

I love this pair sooooooo very much~~ ^^ (Perry Hardy)

They run very true to size.  You even can do half size UP if they are out of yours as long as you buckle it tight. 

Gray + Olive + Black (Yes, so I brought this bebe home.)

Orange(brown) + Navy + Black 

What's your boots' craver this A/W?
xoxo Rachel


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

I like how the first look is sooo elegant yet you add the leopard tights - such a cool touch of edgy!!

As for the shoes I crave this fall/winter... Burberry's shearling lined boots!! I need somethign to keep myself warm here and hopefully I can navogate ice and snow in those haha

Charles said...

wow! it's all so fabulous! the style, the cupcakes, the burberry cape and the shoe-candy! i love it! your pumps with the leopard tights look so fab together! + wow those pierre hardy's are stunning on you! i think my boot cravings are the now famous over-the-knee Christian Louboutin button boots (they are just hot!). xx

janettaylor said...

Great finds! Those capes are die for!

Anh said...

OMIGOODNESS those Pierre Hardy's are GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE THEM! Did you pick up a pair (or two)??

Anh said...

...And I just ran to the Barneys site...too bad they are $1.2k!! In my dreams!! =)

litlstrawberry said...

Ah, Julia, I think I won't do shearling boots but i'd love to have a cool shearling coat!!! ^^

I am sure you would get the most use of that Burberry's boots if you do score one. I didn't even own a pair of UGG..... so I'd think I might even need shearing-lined boots neither.

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Charles, that's not burberry..... it is small brand name cape for only $176 which is why i'd get it right away. ^^

My, the CL over the knee boots!!! They are too sexy... so I think I'd leave that for YOUNG hot chicks then.. haha...

litlstrawberry said...

THanks, Janet. The cape is really fab!!

litlstrawberry said...

I know, Anh. W/ that price, you probably would want to get Burberry shearling-lined boots instead!! ^^

How about your Proenza Shouler heels? Did you get it on sale around $599.. (I did) cause' the original price is around $800 and I wouldn't buy it for retail price. But this Perry Hardy..... I just can't resist how slim/long my feet/legs look in them!!! Don't you think so!!? ^O^

Anh said...

I agree - they look FANTASTIC on you. Gorgeous!!!!!!

Betsy C. said...

I'm really loving the price and the look of the cape. I remember seeing the cape coming up over and and over on the a/w looks that you've posted before. You are definitely ready for the cooler weather!

This lady-like ensemble is quite refreshing and a change from your usual looks! But those leopard tights sure add a bit of your usual style to it.

Btw, I bumped into Irene today at my son's b-day party at Happy Hollow. It's such a small world and she's such a sweetie. (^_^)

Chat soon!

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Betsy:

I so want to call you but it seems that I always got caught up w/ tidiest things everyday.... Please call me to remind me calling you tomorrow!! ^^

yeah, it is such a small world, I never take my kids there cause I really hate the scorching sun there. :P But I think my son went there for their field trip last year!!

Irene and I went to the gym this morning for 2 hours and maybe we will see each other again tomorrow for another 2 hr. work-out.

Happy Birthday to your son. Is he turning 6 too?? ^^

Betsy C. said...

Rachel - don't worry about calling cuz I totally know what you mean by time is flying everyday! By the time I slow down and think about calling ppl to catch up, it's usually past 10pm already. *sigh*

I think we are talking about two different Irenes. (^_^) You probably went to work out with Yu and I bumped into the other Irene... she has longer hair. Hope you know what I'm talking about.

Gotta run! My gym time now...

litlstrawberry said...

ha, Betsy, right, you know, there is a moment that I was surprised that Yu would take her kids there... she is like me .. SF city girl than suburban! ^^ She'd take her kids to MOMA just so she can also enjoy Blue Bottle coffee there in the museum. haha..

Yeah, that's a surprise indeed and I am sure Irene is thrilled that you can even recognize her. hahaha..

have a good work-out!!

ceci said...

Hey gal! You always get those cool looking shoes! Did I tell you I get a pair of over-the-knee leather boots with heels from Bloomingdale SF? It's from CK, but very Chloe looking (as said by the SA LOL!) Well, at least it's just a fraction of a pair of Chloe boots, thus I don't have to worry walking along the snowy streets later on!

Happy belated birthday to Abby!

Mona P said...

The shoes are uber cool, love them!

Cinderella's Closet said...

I'm curious is the A. Wang true to size or does it run small?

litlstrawberry said...

I think I wore that half size bigger... I am normally wearing size 38.5, so the SA let me try 39. pretty true but since it is a boot, I always size it up a little.
Hope this help.


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