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30 September, 2010

Not Another Vintage Inspired Blouse!!

You must have seen this vintage inspired blouse look over and over again. Whether it be on the blog-sphere, on the street or even on 2010 A/W runway show, it indeed is one of the most "practical" trend for this fall/winter. (Yes, if you posses another trendy piece, such as shearling coat or big cape, you pretty much be covered through this winter.)

I am not going to wear it as "the ordinary" way. Meaning, no wide-leg jeans nor wide-leg pants, and even not w/ jeans whatsoever!!  But I didn't say that I'd never wear the blouse w/ jeans or wide leg pants at all. It is just that there is no best apropos way of wearing it.  As long as you show the whole look w/ some kind of nostalgically aesthetic pleasure.



1. Top:
Ralph Lauren Jolene Silk Tie-neck blouse (Their entire site are having 25% off and then they'd donate 10% to Pink Pony Fond.)
Some brand of denim vest (Ah, does this look has always somehow associated w/ jeans in USA? Cultural influences? lol)

2. Bottom:
HM high waist cropped pants

3. Accessory:
some brand white lace belt
Hermes Horn necklace w/ silver hook
Chanel 10A Rouge/orange 226 reissue (I think 226 size is more appropriate to be a clutch to me.)

4. Shoes:
Alexander Wang Abbey gray sandal heels (just to break up the usual pumps, or boots look w/ the blouse. ^^)


Who knows this $49.50 HM pants almost becomes my another daily obsession!!

I love this Ralph Lauren silk blouse a lot .. for 1) it is not ivory nor pale pink...yet a sophisticated brownish color 2) the scarf is detach-able 3) it flatters my hair color!!

Small details such as cuff link alike button

fold-over cuff w/ a bit puffy sleeves

Kids' Piano lessons ~~ finished!! 
I looked even more happier than my kids as their class dismissed... Oh, you don't know how much pressure for me to make sure their "after-practice" performance is presentable every week to the teacher. *sigh*......... 

This RL blouse comes w/ camisole.  You can take off the ruffle scarf and unbutton couple buttons for a laid-back look. 

Are you ready for this Fall/Winter?
Have fun deciding your LOOK!!
xoxo Rachel


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