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23 September, 2010

RED All Over!!

I was talking to friends about the new Chanel 10A Rouge/Orange reissue the other day but seems no one would believe that this RED is taken on an orange tint. 

So here is the proof under white, florescent light. 
(left) 10A Chanel Rouge reissue/ (right); 10A Chanel Rouge classic jumbo

Now, do you believe me that MY new reissue (left) has that orange tint underneath!!?

J crew military inspired belt. 


My ODJ. 

1.  Top:
 Ralph Lauren w/ scallop trim knitting cardigan 
2. Bottom:
HM high-waisted rusty color of big pocket cropped pants
3. Accessory:
J Crew belt
Anthropologies mini disc necklace
Chanel 10A rouge caviar 226 reissue
4. shoes:
Alexander Wang Abbey gray/blue high heel sandal 

Finally I scored this A. Wang sandal heels in a sale price. 

Enough RED, that's change to my other OLD love of Chanel then. ^^
xoxo Rachel 


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