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02 February, 2011

New Year's Eve tonight!!

Christmas to Americans is like Chinese New Year to Asians. It is the time for family reunion. We don't have much relatives here to get together, thus friends are next to family members that we'd talk about our wishes to for the whole new year. ^^ 

I will have a proper New year party on Saturday at home but before then, we will just wish each other "Happy Chinese New Year"!

No black outfit on New Year's Eve tonight nor tomorrow..... It is a new year that we embrace ourselves w/ everything NEW and good luck colors such as RED and GOLD, or in the most luxe. fabric made of SATIN, SILK...etc. Go put on all the deluxe colored outfit or wear a sexy, red hot underwear to draw all the good fortune around you!

Both Yu and I are very into big big oversize frame sunglasses..... 
Hope the big red umbrella and Yu's Satin pants and Bottega Veneta satin shoes, Hermes yellow Lindy-- a good luck color will bring us all the good fortune in "Rabbit's" year 2011

Aryn K white silk tie blouse, gold tulip wide pants, sequins skinny scarf, Missoni espadrille, (Proenza Shouler ps1 clutch...not show here)

Happy New Year!!
(The red braided lucky character on the wall is for the good luck all year round.)

Wear something RED tomorrow~~
xoxo Rachel 


Mona P said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family!

You look great!

qian said...

hi rachel, happy rabbit year! Good luck on everything !

You are a great blogger!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Mona and Qian:
Thanks to you girls and happy rabbit's year to you too!
「Wish you have a prosperous year 2011 and pass the aboundant joys to you and everyone surround you!! 」

ceci said...

Happy Year of Rabbit! You look stunning in the gold pants!

We'll be in HK on the 15th day of CNY! Can't wait! & we'll be going to Taiwan (19-22) too! First time going there! Guess I need some suggestions about where we should go/eat later =p

sanaa London said...

Beautiful as always. Happy Chinese, rabbit year to you Rachel.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Ceci:
How are you? I have been thinking of you ...wanting to drop few words to say Happy Lunar new year to you...then, you know, daily hectic schedule.... :P

I am glad you are having a long vacation ...and I envy you...can I tag along? ^O^ Have lots of fun, my dear. Oh, for a short trip in Taiwan, I guess you really don't have much choice.... day- 101, all the major departments, night- movies, night market, street vendors.... oh, Elite book store is a much go place.... if you can have a babysit/nanny, you can actually go like 10 PM w/ your darling and enjoy the night view...(although the air pollution might make the night not so perfect...haha..)

I don't know if you want to go any scenic spots but make sure you visit fancy restaurants/tea buffet restaurants... they are just as good and fancy as having them in Hong Kong and even better. ^^

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Sanaa:
How are you? You know, I have been thinking of posting my skin care products but I have to make sure ONE thing that I am currently trying is OK... I mean, I asked my dermatologist if it is safe to apply"snake serum". (which basically paralyze your facial expression "a bit" so you won't laugh to your heart's content..hahah.... thus prevent having wrinkles.)

Anyway, I think I need to do my research online cause' even though it is minor than BOTOX but we certainly don't want our face to be "paralyzed" forever...hahah...

Have a good weekend..... and wear RED. ^^

Mummy Moon said...

Gong Xi Fat Cai!! Wishing you and your family happy rabbit year !

janettaylor said...

Happy Chinese New Year!

Have a lovely weekend, my dear!

sanaa London said...

Haha Rachel, thanks for updating about the snake serum. Is it the one by Rodial? I live in London, UK and have given Rodial products a try. The snake serum does help in preventing wrinkles, but I noticed after using it a while my face would twitch and I did not like it, so I stopped. I do like their Glamtox night cream by the same company - Rodial. I think it works as well as the snake serum.

Will wear Red for the good luck. I have to say I really love your Drie Van Notten blouse, wow. Just gorgeous. You really have an eye for quality products.

ps: Did you ever watch Toni Takitani film, I recommended it to you two years ago, at the purseblog, forum, do you remember?


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