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07 February, 2011

Soupe a L'Oignon au Fromage -- My Signature Dish!

We had a small Luna Year Party at home on Sat. evening and we gave out red envelops to the kids just to remind them this tradition.

During the day outfit when doing grocery shopping..... 


1. Top:
 Taiwanese designer 胡雅娟 one shouldered silk top

2. Bottom:
Mandarin and General washed silk elastic pants

3. Accessory:
J crew green glass brass cuff
BR brass studs skinny belt
Hobo International Faux python clutch 

4. Shoes:
YSL iridescent taupe tribute platform 

That's how much onion I cut....15 at least....crying and tearing... it is no use even I soak the onions in advance!!  
(How come I forgot to use my Food processor???!! duh~~~)

Sweat the onion until they caramelized (golden brown)!! 
I use Brandy instead of Cognac (for some recipe) and you always can drop more liquor into the bowl before you serve to your guests! So they can really taste it.......and BE DUI!!....haha... (Just kidding =) )

Soupe a L'Oignon au Fromage(click the link for recipe) 

I think we need more grated Gruyere on top!! 


Outfit for Lunar year party in the evening.
Years ago a Vintage find (Celine wool dress) 

My guests do arrive w/ RED outfit..... for girls, they wear red blouse, red trench or red dress such as ME which is more creative compared to guys who all wear "red polo shirts".......haha.... kind of explaining guys here in Bay area has a very dull selection for their casual wear. :P 
Finally my hair grows down to my shoulder...thanks to my hair stylist who is current in vacation so I can be resistant for the urge to have hair cut. hah...


The weather is too perfect today that I have to wear this whole outfit again ....... 

I love the cozy feeling of bathing in the sun today. 

Have a good Monday!
xoxo Rachel 


Betsy C. said...

Yes, yes, yes! Looks delicious! I can't wait to check out the recipe.

Isn't it crazy how warm it's been around here? Taking out those tank tops and pair them with light jackets is what I'm doing too.

How did you party go? Hope everyone followed your directions and wore red.

Mon Style du Jour said...

I wore my red hat again on February 3rd! :)

sanaa London said...

Delicious! To prevent tearing up when cutting onions, try chewing gum,and voila, no tears. p.s.I wore my red Chanel bag and scarf as promised. You look lovely in red as well. Fun times indeed...Sanaa


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