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12 February, 2011

Scribble Scrabble n' A Wow from Jason Wu 2011 Collection.

First of all, I think I am pulling my legs of forward-looking at 2011 runway Fall's collection while summer is yet to come and I already had a long list of "wanted" things for s/s. The New York Fashion week started and I can only stump my feet and am regret the fact that I can't go since I just had my PRK eye surgery. ~*sigh*~

Good news is that I can have eye bandage removed next Monday and my vision is slowly stabilized (hopefully less a month). Meanwhile, I will have my acting courses start tomorrow. How exciting~~~ ^O^

Neutral, and bare faces! ^^ (No make-up for a week....) 

For spring/summer, I love both bright colors as well as monochrome black or white looks. But in particular, I love neutral such as pink, beige and nude the most. Try pairing the same color of your tops together like Jason Wu did... ... me, here, Ivory tank w/ beige wool vest and lots of details on them. And neutral color never look outdated at all! 



1. Top:
Stella McCartney tank w/ bow in front
DVF wool beige vest coat

2. Bottom:
HM high waisted fold-over pants w/ sash 11'

3. Accessory:
(messenger style w/ Louis Vuitton wide straps) Bottega Veneta tote w/ Louis Vuitton Valentine heart coin purse 

4. Shoes:
Vintage dots mary jane 

I think my daughter took away the spotlight.... ^^


Here looking at Jason Wu's fall 2011 runway pictures, I adore his entire collection singled out a strong attitude and lots of details. Those dresses are so glamorous!!
Matching your top colors, blue, red, sheer, black n' white floral embroidery! 

More lace, sheer, feather, quality tailor, off your feminine side! 

Wish I could wear those dresses for Valentines' Day~~ ^O^ Well, how about a Valentin's bright color make-up... it is a DO!!

Jill Stuart pearl pink eyeshadow. 

The shinning pink around eye corner, and lower eyeliner will make your eyes look a lot bigger and sexier.... (you know sometimes how people mistaken the white eye shadow around the corner for some "gooey discharge"  on your eye if you are not a make-up expert...haha....haha...... )

Collage is fun and I made a keep-sake frame from my 3 children's belongs....
one missing shoe, one missing mitten and one pair of socks.  


Here is another picture collage frame from us girls crazy Vegas trip!!

Are you ready for your Valentine's?!
Have a cheeky Sunday. 
xoxo Rachel 


James Michael White said...

Love the BV bag, and that LV coin purse is adorable. Jason Wu's collection is glamorous and beautiful, as usual.

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Mike, thanks. Honetly, I never look into Jason Wu's whole collection as I thought they are all so "austere"...but not anymore. ^^

Mummy Moon said...

I like the collage! It give me an idea what to do something with the kids out grown clothing and accessories !

Love your pink eye shadow too !


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