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03 August, 2010

Post Away!

Ball, Janae C SAJ to rcheng
Jul 28 (6 days ago)

I just ran across your blog while I was searching for pictures of people wearing their leather jackets. After skimming some of the posts I must commend you on your personal style. While many of the outfits wouldn’t be my style, I love the way you put pieces together to make them your own. You definitely provide inspiration to develop one's own personal style and individuality instead of looking like a fashion clone. Have you ever done a post on your closet? I would love to see how you manage all of your clothing…and just be nosy as to what’s in your closet lol

P.s. Your kids are too cute!

I am so happy to receive such joyful email which also gives me motivation doing what I am doing!! ^O^

Except I don't recall I have a general clothes sorting methodology to share. Maybe in the future I will have a BEFORE and AFTER renovation pictures of my closet.  Friends know that I have a tiny walk-in closet. The size doesn't make sense in our house but enough is enough.  I often walk in my closet and go through my things and fold them, divide them, count them..... and donate spring cleaning except that I do that like at least 5 times a year to avoid any overflow to my children's closets. I am not sure if that almost becomes some kind of life "meditation" to me. As you see, I am almost on top of things about all the pieces I keep.

The dress and the cardigan looks like a cut-out piece in ONE top.


Dress: Linda Loudermilk organic bamboo dress w/ organza back
Cardigan: Jamei Chen (陳季. 敏) Taiwanese designer cropped cardigan w/ satin bow tie
Hermes white CDC w/ gold HW
Jil Sander cutout platform heels

Karen walker Dandy sunglass

haha.... funny look!
KOI jasper cape
Minnetona fringe boots
cashmere blend knitting scarf


Karen walker orange tee
Ports 1961 sequins cardigan (second hand find)
Diesel low waist white flare jean
Converse sneakers



xoxo Rachel


dos3n said...

i would love to see what you have in your closet too. what do you donate? all your fab clothes? send them my way!

Michael St. James said...

I have to agree with Janae! Whether I love or hate your purchases, I always appreciate your style...and adorable kids.

Mona P said...

You look gorgeous as always! Love love your Jil Sander heels and Ports 1961 cardi!

Have a fantastic day!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Aww what a sweet email indeed!! And I totally knw what you mean by such emails just giving you the strength to carry one with doing what you do, I get the same feeling after receiving encouraging emails from my readers as well!

Anyways, I love the bow detailed outfit a lot, so elegant! To be honest, I ddn't quite get if that's a dress and a cardi, or a dress and a top, or if it's just ade to look like those are separate pieces? lol All confused here!

litlstrawberry said...

ha, Catherine:
I donate what's not suitable for my age and not body-flattering on me. You know, I am still thinking of a apparel exchange party things in bay area.... well,.... don't know if we will be able to do it.. :P

litlstrawberry said...

ha, so Mike, according to your confess.... what are the things that you hate but I bought it anyway?????!!! ^^

litlstrawberry said...

yes, Julia, sometimes we need to be reminded just to feel alive ^O^... would it be emails from the readers or words from friends or parents, they remind me to appreciate the simple existence.

Oh, it is a dress then covered by a cropped cardi. which has a bow tie. ^^

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Mona. ^^

You have a great evening.


Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi R,

Lovely comment from your reader! You deserve it. Keep up the good work!

Oh, I'm going to Taipei on the 17th...hehehehe! Anywhere you recommend to shop and dine? I only have 2 days there so it's a quick trip. I will be with my mom and it's mostly shopping and dining. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. (My last trip to Taipei was 1999/2000, so it's been 10 years already...LOL!)

Thanks thanks! Have a great week ahead!


dos3n said...

i am totally down for the exchange idea, maybe everyone should bring like 10-15 pieces and in good condition and within certain prices. But I bet you and your friends would have lots of better stuff than many people. let me know if you ever have one :)

Shu-I said...

i would want to see your closet too! I have been following your style and think it is very nicely put together. and your kids a great touch to your blog :))


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