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19 August, 2010

A Total Venture of Fashion and Friends.

I rarely meet NEW friends whom I chat through Internet in REAL LIFE but I think it is a great experience to always want to meet new friends from all works of life! Friends come and go but true friendship doesn't fade by the distance. 

Yesterday I had a meeting-new-family venture in SF city.  Her family travels all the way from Canada to visit relatives and friends here in San Francisco. We girls knew each other way back in 2009 from the Internet while we both are into CHANEL very much. So we have been knowing each other for 2 years before we even meet in person. (Oh, note: I still like Chanel's collection now but somewhat got pushed away by its never ending price increase.)  

After I had my family, I feel the needs to meet new family as I also want DH get involved in my circle of life. ..... yeah, knowing a luxury lust side of ME! haha......  I am glad that I invited my new friend, Ceci's family over to my house in the afternoon.  Even though they only stayed at half an hour but my DH got to come home in time to meet w/ OUR new family friends!!! We don't know when is the next time we two family have the chance to catch up again but "friendship" between two families starts right then!!!! 


We do have pictures that both of us looks more "seriously" but I found those two more particularly amused. ^O^ 

I love the sheer and the not-so-provocative feather which sticks out around the chest.

I think the cut-out around the shoulder is very sexy!! ^^

Ilona:, I want you hold me...
Rachel: Wait, this is the last one then I am done!!

1. Top:
lace tank (
Prabal Gurung feather tuxedo sheer shirt w/ cut-out 
Jill Stuart green jacket w/ peplum hem 
2. Skirt:
Alexander Wang pencil skirt 09' 
3. Accessory:
Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel bag in Gray
4. Shoes:
Jill Sander cutout wooden platform buckle heels

back view

(pardon my hair again)

Go Venture!! When was the last time for you?! ^^
xoxo Rachel


Anh said...

WOW - this is gorgeous! I agree with you on making friends - plus, people today meet their husbands and wives online, why can't women meet other women for friendship? This is a big part of why I blog! =)

Michael St. James said...

I absolutely LOVE this look!

Mona P said...

Love the skirt, and the whole look is just immaculate!

Looks like you guys had a great time!

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

LOL! R! I can't help smile when I see Ceci's and your expression! LOL! Hope you gals have a great time! Did you get to meet Coco and Jacob? The kids mingled? Hehe!

Anyway, both of you look fabulous! (BTW, where is Kai? I thought she met with you gals too? Hehehe!)

Have a great weekend!


P.S. Got your email. Do show us your new hardwood flooring..:D

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Anh, maybe we two should meet up some time in the future. ^^

I know, especially in the big city... I already heard my friend (Renee, who lives in SF city) and friend's friends........ that it is hard to meet w/ new guy and gal let alone having a serious relationship. I guess Internet does help people a lot in this situation. ^^

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Mike. Your approval means a lot to me! ^O^

litlstrawberry said...

Wow, Mona, that's one of the BIGGEST compliments I ever received from you. ^^ Now I don't think I can top that!!... *pressure*.... I should stop blogging... :P

Oh, yeah, I am glad that Ceci brought along her DH ... lend a hand to take care of the kids. ^^

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Mia:

I think we two were adjusting our appeal...I am taming my feather and she was doing whatever for the photo shoot. hahahaha..

Yes, I think Coco is the sweetest baby in the whole wide world...she is so mellow, so.....geez, I am out of words already. ^^ Well, I think my son and Jacob mingled ..oh, well, almost like going to fight w/ each other for my IPHONE games!! lol.

Well, Kai only stayed very short period of time so I didn't even get to have chance to snap a proper picture for all of us. But Ceci do take picture for all of us so I think I am going to ask her for that picture w/ Kai in it. ^^

We only do two rooms it really isn't much to show. ahah..and it is kind crowded when Ceci and her family were here. So embarassing...haha..

Oh, going to venture your blog. ^^

susanh98 said...

i love your jill stuart jacket! It's so cool you got to meet another fellow tpf gal. You gals looked like u had a lot of fun! :)
So you are going to Italy in Oct? I'm so jealous!!!! I love Italy. What part are you going to?
Enjoy the rest of the time you have with the kids before they start school!

litlstrawberry said...

Thx, Susan. Aren't your daughter going to school yet?

I bought that J. Stuart jacket back in 2008 in Taipei... and I am glad the style and the military green color are still so refreshing to look at even now.

Oh, yes, I meet w/ two gals from PF. But you know, everyone must be nervous for the first time...well, at least I am nervous even I pretend I fear NOTHING. hahahahaha.. ok, Good nite, you have a great weekend!

ceci said...

haha...R! What were we doing? How many photo Niel took at the end =D We had so much fun & hope we could stay longer & even it seems DHs had a nice talk about cars too! It's so nice to meet up with you & Kai. Didn't I tell you that you look fabulous & created lots of head-turning while we on the street?! Really! =) It's our last day in SF, but wish we could stay longer. Maybe we'll meet another time again & I guess by that time, DD may get to join in the kiddie games too! haha!

ps. I will e-mail you the photo with Kai when I get back home in 1 week, ok?

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Ceci:hahah.. head mean your son, Jacob....Ah, I am sure he turns head a lot just to hold my hand. ^^

Don't worry about the picture...wait till you settle down fine in Canada.

Yes, I wish you guys could stay longer at my house to chat more but too bad that I have to drag DH to the gym and make both of us commit to "exercise" regularly. hah.. I am very bossy in this .. :P If we really could arrange the Belgium trip together, that will be WONDERFUL!!!!

Have a save trip home, my dear friend!!

Julia said...

hahaha... that was fun!

i wonder if i could get a TPF friend visit some day? i would love to have one... my husband is very easy and comfortable to be around with. i am too, actualy.

can i visit you too? i am not sure when, but i want a rain check now. haha.

Mon Style du Jour said...

I'm happy I came across your blog. I love your style! And I loved reading your excuse for buying luxury items for your kid's heritage. Haha! Love it! :)


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