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30 August, 2010

CHILD-LESS and Ilona's First Day of School!!

Today is the day that Ilona goes to pre-K... FULL DAY from 9 to 6 PM. She stays at school mostly from 9 to 3:30 except for Monday and Wednesday. I know, you probably think I am so cruel to her...... 

However, if you listen to what she talked about school stuff endlessly, I know that only denotes SHE IS SO READY FOR School! ^^

Ilona looked very "sleepy" there~ 
How cute she sits on her luggage for her "bedding" and that lunch box placed right next to her seems so gigantic!! Lol

I did a lot of house chores in the morning, except for cleaning the stove top, I also went two grocery stores to shop.....then I came home to do the preparation for rest of the week prior cooking such as cutting/dividing the beef into small containers, use "Cuisinart food processor" shredding carrots, asparagus, and wash string beans and cabbage and store them in the ziplock bags ... for ready-to-use. As far as what types of dishes and what kinds of ingredients make up a dish goes, I think it is a pretty big task for everyone ....especially for moms to bring the food to the table!!  So I think prewash, pre-cut..... food definitely helps. 

You know, when I was choosing some pre-cut/pre-washed/packed vegetable in the WHOLE FOODS Super Market on Sunday.......I saw a "cutting" man standing in front of a HUGE sink full of water and cauliflower behind the shelves, suddenly want to take picture w/ him. To thank him for doing such boring job to make people's life easier, to thank him for understanding his girlfriend/wife's hard work too..........Well, I guess he must wel-know that how tiresome and boring doing these cutting/chopping everyday. ^O^


RUGBY dress, Jean Paul Gaultier flower print blouse (past season), Max Co. leather jacket, brown w/ lace trim socks, Chanel Hawaii LTD metallic silver clutch and Proenza Shouler runway heels.   

I can't believe today I have the whole world luxury to really SIT on my sofa and not yelling my kids for messing around the decoration at home and enjoy my full cup of coffee!! 

See you tomorrow. 
xoxo Rachel


janettaylor said...

Oooh so exciting... :D

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

That lunch box looks pretty big indeed! It's like it's bigger than Ilona is!! lol! But she's a cutie, true that. Hope she's gonna love school!

Do enjoy your newly found me-time :)

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Wow congrats R! How old is Ilona again? 3 years old? 9-6pm at school full day? That's really something!! Here in HK, for 3 years old, it's only like 4 hours...

Anyway, enjoy your free personal time more! :D



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