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23 August, 2010

After My Birthday!!

So this is what I spent on $3000 as my birthday gift! ^^ I had to choose between Chanel and Hermes, so I decided that I'd go for a classic Hermes belt.

Hermes croc belt  and olive tinged w/ brown buckle! 
(No intension to be a pundit of Hermes. :P ) 

The buckle is more olive instead of brown in real life... GREEN/OLIVE is another fave. color of mine! 

This is what was happening yesterday for my birthday party.... like a small kindergarten! lol

Yu and I can be nominated as the best house wife of the year!! haha... .
Ah, why there is no one came up something like this for us housewives!!! ^O^

They are my newly-added birthday cards collections.... the warmest wishes from my friends!!

Those are the left-over cocktails.....hum, no one did tequila shots yesterday. 
Ah, I know, because next day is MONDAY~
 Those can't go In the dishwasher and had to be washed by hands. 
Now I have to make an appointment for Pedicure!! ^^

My gals are so sweet that each of them give me so special gifts from earrings, necklace, fur scarf, jacket, leg warmer, and sequined tank..... etc. I probably can put on all those things and be ready to go out. haha~~ My birthday is not yet officially arrived, but thanks to friends who take time to celebrate w/ me in advance. 

I think I am going to show you guys how'd I incorporate my friends' gifts into my daily ensemble. Best of all, may I enable you to buy something new, try something fun and dress up PRETTIER everyday! ^^

# DH picks Max Mara black Clog for this look. 

The gunmetal Paige black label jacket is gifted from Cathy! 

DH loves the jacket and he even wants one for himself...too bad he can't wear it as there has gathered waist details at the back. 

This is a purple faux fur hat from Betsy Johnson from past season... dyed fur is so fun in A/W 2010. 

# Abby insists me on wearing Nicolas Kirkwood suede peep-toe heels instead. Honestly, I like this pair goes w/ my outfit better! Good job, Abby!! 


My ODJ. 

You have seem them all..... except
Hermes Croc belt, Paige black label jacket and dyed rabbit fur scarf!

This (rabbit) fur scarf is gifted from Yu.
I love this purple navy and fun pom pom scarf... should I wear that faux fur hat w/ this pom pom scarf altogether?!!!  Go figure~~

Have a good evening. 
xoxo Rachel


susanh98 said...

Wow wow wow. Ok first happy early birthday!!! :)
Second I die!!!! That belt is gorgy $$$ well spent and you are wise to spend it in H than CC ;)
Your presents from your gals are all so pretty too!!
Have a great week.
Oh my kids are exactly 30 months apart. Is getting easier as they grow older minus the fighting and bickering. Arghhh

Michael St. James said...

Happy Birthday! Love the belt.

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Ah i thought I missed your bday but you're saying it hasn't arrivd yet? Then HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance, Rachel!! This is a gorgeous Hermes belt, great choice!!!

As for your neighbours being possibly annoyed by your posing next to your front door... Well, you r littel gilr looks like a little bodyguard right there - it totally looks like she's ready to give a piece of her mind to those who migth want to complain about it :)) So don't worry, if anyone objects I'm sure she'll be right there to defend her mom! Just look at her facial expression, she's watching and ready to protect! :))

Michelle said...

You are rocking the H-belt Rachel! I picked Hermes for my birthday too a month ago ;) The Iris Massai Cut bag (*^_^*)

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Susan. You know, for exotic skin...i have no problem to spend it on w/ $3000 when I figured that I might not have chance to posses any "exotic skin" Birkin nor Chanel. :P

For that age apart, I think you are doing great on Motherhood!! My two older kids would gang up to tease my little Ilone. Poor her that she had to learn "survivor skill" so early at her age of 3. heheheehhe..

litlstrawberry said...

Thx, Mike.

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Julia, thx, girl.

I can't see if my neighbor (across street) seeing me everyday... (almost) doing those "she-doesn't-know-what-the-heck-I-was-doing" shots everyday but I think eventually she will get used to it. ... Oh, they are good neighbors and they gave my kids lots of gifts for Birthday, baby shower, Halloween, and even Christmas. ^^

I guess I should brain wash my girls to be strong.. or be tough in the future. For a girl, that's a very important thing. ^^

litlstrawberry said...

Really? Hey, Michelle, I have to check out that bag you are talking about.
I think it is hard to come-by a pretty buckle and I am so loving my green one.

Mona P said...

Beautiful belt, congrats! I like the contrast between the color of the belt and the olive green buckle.

Happy Birthday!

Michelle said...

Hey Rachel, I have the pics of me with the bag on FB so check it out :) It is a good mummy bag and in a very yummy color!

litlstrawberry said...

Thx, Mona. Yes, I really like that olive buckle... very special. ^^

litlstrawberry said...

Ah, Michelle, perhaps you can send me a link? ^^


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