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07 August, 2010

Sensational & Avant-garde!!

Pei and I were in the SF city on Thursday. She never pays the visit on Lilith  in Fillmore st. and I haven't been back since their entire S/S 2010 collection go on sale, so off we went together. 

Looking at this picture, I suddenly realized that I am getting older/wrinklier/wiser/more content w/ life which accompanies by my children's growing up is such a blessing!!

Thanks to Pei's BIG help (especially when she didn't bring along his son) that my kids didn't starve when I was busy ....... w/ everything! ^O^
(On HER: Max Co. ombre' Poncho, free people tiered dress, Florentine and Baker lace-up boots, Celine distressed lambskin boogie) 

I always laid my eyes one the same thing  that Zoe liked. ^O^
I was trying out the velvet pants as Zoe had on. (Geez, what had happened to my hair....)


1. Top:
KOI Jasper Cape 

2. Bottom:
Joie leather flared shorts

3. Accessory:
URBNmetal chain w/ bead necklace
J Crew Tiered crystal libretto necklace
Chanel 226 matte black reissue


 Isn't this Jesper Cape sensational ??

MY new tights fave. FALKE!
I am very impressed w/ their den 20 matte tights as I don't feel they would be snagged easily. 

Pei is on a family vacation to Florida and she bought a lot of rompers for this trip. As you know, it is probably the same long spell of hot weather down in Florida as in LA right now!!! 

Speaking of romper, I just remembered the 101 romper which I almost forgot all about it until Pei mentioned that she likes the DEAL of it.... $19.99!! ^^


No matter how hard I tried to pull down the romper, the black mini dress will show I think..... WHY NOT just let it be! ^O^ 

DO you ever think this romper is too short for my height as I do? 



Because I had a black mini dress (By Stella McCartney) underneath which peek out from the bottom of my romper! 


1. Top:

  •  Stella McCartney black mini embroidery dress underneath
  • No brand silk charcoal romper 

2. Accessory:

  • Orange Boss gray scarf
  • No brand denim ruffle belt w/ bow tie
  • Flying lizard design necklace
  • Designer Elfi Altendorfer Africa white turquoise w/ loop earrings
  • Falke matte 50 tights
  • Chanel Hawaii LTD metallic silver timeless clutch 

3. Shoes:
Melissa gray velvet pump 

DH actually loves this look very much!! 
Do you think it is because of the tights?? lol.

xoxo Rachel 


Mona P said...

I like that first picture of you with your girls. You look so happy and so content!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

janettaylor said...

Mhmmm...I love those leather shorts!

Please don't forget to enter for my actually giveaway.

Ally said...

You look great here. Can I ask where you got your brown boots from?

FashionFirstForever said...

The leather shorts are gorgeous!!! I love that outfit. It looks so biker chic and get so feminine. So stylish!


ceci said...

haha..when I look at that kind of tights - I just packed a pair of DIM (with lace aspect garter) in my suitcase. Plus I packed many fishnet stockings as well...I hope they will suit the ever changing SF weather..

The miniskit under the "short" romper is a great idea! I've created a list of what I'm going to wear the next 2 weeks - lots of mix & match for sure =) Thanks for your suggestions earlier!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Mona: ^^ thanks.

Hope you had a fruitful weekend as well. I am changing two rooms in downstairs' floor to hardwood floor next two week or so. I am moving books out of bookcase and clear the floor..and geez, those books are heavy and I decided to recycle lots of my fashion magazines!! ^^ I guess I rarely go back to read them when new fashion and internet is much more convenient.

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Janet. I think I am IN already and I can't wait to see if I get lucky!! ^^

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Ally:
The brown boot is from Chole 09'. They always have these coveted boots w/ their signature buckle at side every year. (I think) ^^

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, FashionFirst girl:
Thank you.

Oh, you know what, I cannot become Polyvore my eyes get too sore when spending hours on drag and drop to complete an entire outfit...then I have to choose a background....or the music... So I think I only play couple times then... quit!! ^^

However, you have fun playing w/ those fun tools and see those pretty stuff on polyvore.

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Ceci:

It is about time that you finish your packing!! Please do bring scarf and leather jacket/trench coat/ sweater cause' they are easily styled in ever changing weather in SF city. ^^

I don't know if garter is OK to show but I know my black mini skirt/dress is ok to be seen from underneath. ^O^ One more thing, flat and boots (not so high) is great walking around in the city!!

Happy packing, btw!


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