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26 August, 2010

The Color of Bib Necklace echos my 2010 s/s YSL Tribute Platform Heels.


I am going to apply that Chanel iridescent eggplant purple nail polish on toes and taupe one from Target on my nails later in the afternoon for a ready for A/W look!  

MAC cream purple eye shadow, SmashBox pale pink eyeshadow, make-up forever purple eyeshadow. 

Jill Stuart purple eyeliner on top, Chantecaille green eyeliner at bottom eyeliner, smashbox pale pink eyeshadow highlight just below the green eyeliner. 

MakeupForever purple eyeshadow on the crease and Mac cream lavender eyeshadow between eye and nose beneath eyebrow. 
I also dashed a little highlighter from Bobbi Brown on my nose there. 

It seems that I use a lot of eyeshadows doing make-ups but the keys is "always dash a little bit" when doing more than 2 colors on eyelid.  You know little color would go a long way. (my skin is Normal to a bit dry in continental weather here and gets more oily in Asia... wired, huh!?) 

Thanks to Irene who gave me that cute sea shell leaves/pearls earrings as my birthday gift. 

This India made bib necklace is very versatile after all..... just think Outside the BOX, any solid color would highlight that busy bib necklace~~ ^O^

I might want to fold the other leg... a cropped fold-over pants is not bad looking after all! ^^

 I think Paige black label military inspired jacket, the bib and YSL tribute platform sandals are quite compliment w/ each other in some ways. 

Have a good Thursday everyone!
xoxo Rachel


Savvy Gal said...

I tried the new Chanel purple-gray polish the other day and it just didn't look good on me. : (

blingmistress said...

Hey Rachel

I'm loving the bib necklace(now I want one too!!!) .. Need to hunt one down when I'm down in San Fran( in a week) yes, I am headed to San Fran! I moved back from Taipei recently and will be taking a trip up to the States with the family!!

Any shopping and food suggestions for when I'm there? (maybe even a nice Chinese restaurant because my parents aren't that great with non-Asian food!)

Thanks hun! Hope all is well with you and the family. You are all looking gorgeous as always :)

Doreen :)

susanh98 said...

Indeed your bib necklace goes so well w your YSL gorgeous. I like how you did your eye makeup. You look very pretty. Have a good weekend


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