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28 August, 2010

Stepping Into Fall in Mustard Yellow and Orange!! Plus, Chanel Nail Polish 509 PARADOXAL!!

So I heard that Chanel nail polish 509 PARADOXAL eggplant shade is not quite flattering,  NOT EVEN ON ME!! But some of you know me enough that I'd try my best to make things WORK FOR ME! ^O^ 

Stubborn that I am!! 

Today, I dug out my very first Christian Louboutin Very Prive sequin heels in deep navy/purple. I was thinking perhaps the purplish sequins could "highlight" that iridescent purple nail polish on my toes better to coax it doing the work of "flattering" MOI!!! 

Then I think it worked!!!


What do you think? (Pardon those veins!)


There I had very bright ORANGE polish on.... keep the FUN! ^^

Doesn't Pei look adorable there!!!

I always amazed how detail that Pei would pay attention on her every single piece, the layer, the color matching, the bag and the boots! 
Kudos to her!


Yu and I both had orange and yellow accessories.... pure coincidence! ^O^

Don't we look like sisters again!! 
People tend to be confused by us the gym, on the street, in the shop....whenever we are trying shoes or clothes!! haha~~~  

You know how people eventually distinguish us two counting the number of our kids!! hahahahah... 

I had a great great time on my birthday today!
And big thanks to everyone who stops by my blog and please remember to come by often!
xoxo Rachel 


Charles said...

omg i love your whole look so much! those shoes are so beautiful, and classy. I'm really addicted to sequins :) (And c'mon, everyone has veins, who cares?!?) And I really love both of your yellow purses! So chic :) xx

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi R,

Happy Birthday to you! Wish you all the best in life. Hope you enjoyed your Bday!

I love Chanel's nail polish Paradoxal. It's such a mysteriously cool color! I even bought 2 bottles..hahaha! :P I think it works very well with your CL sequin shoes.

BTW, I love Yu's orange sandals. What brand is it and is it still available anywhere? And what's Pei's boots? Love the neutral color.

Enjoy your weekend!


janettaylor said...

Oooh, I'm crazy for the PS clutch. Can you borrow, LOL?! :D

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Charles.^^

I don't know why these couple season that CL never came up w/ other sequin heels.... but they have so many shades of PYTHON instead.... ^^

And finally I break into that CL heels so it never slip off my ankles... padding all over.... front and back in the shoes. haha..

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Mia:

You know, those orange wooden heels and Pei's boots are small brand name (but chic of course) and they are not worth the "hunt" if you are not in USA. (my very honest opinion.) I know YU bought that heels in Nordstrom RACK (aka Nordstrom outlet) but she hasn't reveal the brand name of that BOOTS. ... but honesty, the stitches is lousy... :P but the color is FAB!!!! I will let you know the brand names of both once I found out!! ^^

Thank you for the birthday wishes. :)

You know I never really finish any polish of mine so I would think you are crazy to get 2 bottles of it. hahaha..

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi R, haha, thanks for finding out for me about the brands. I am also attracted to Yu's shoe color blocks..hehe! I don't really mind if it's big brand name or not just as long as it looks good.

Haha, call me crazy. But I tend to buy 2 qty if that particular item is limited edition (not expensive items of course). :P I am able to finish my nail polishes coz I share them with my mom. Hehe!

Enjoy your weekend!


Mother of Style said...

I really like your yellow accessories- you look cute, as always! Happy belated birthday to you :)


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