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30 June, 2009

Faithful Glove Clutch by Alexander McQueen!

I tried this McQueen clutch the day I bought my Chloe orange Sally bag. It actually is not that hilarious by the look when your hand hold it INSIDE the glove. If you don't have that sense of humor, you can take off the leather glove and hold it w/ bare hand!! I love the buttery soft leather and that make-you-happy new leather smell of it! lol

Then I came across this pair of McQueen skull zipper pull engraved peep toe stiletto booties online. I start imaging myself carrying the clutch AND stepping into this provocative booties when.....grrr......girl's night out? a dinner date w/ DH? Oh, well, I hate to admit that even things like these are not practical for me anymore!!! I assume I can't wear them both at the same time w/ my 3 kids around.

Let's just pretend that I could at least rock them in my dream, and no one could lay a hand!!!


Julia said...

yeah.. i hear you. A.Mc stuff is very high fashion. not very mommy- wearer friendly.

i got a piece of A. Mc. let me know what you think. it was posted on my tpf thread.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Julia: How are you? Yah, I think I saw your Mc. piece, it is very niece.

Mc, She has some stuff is very wearable for everyone but it just depends on how you pull off the look. I mean you can actually dress down w/ her every piece which is very nice.

Well, you know, that clutch is nice but some of her shoe collection is too much of a statement for us mom...I really like edgy stuff but sometimes I still have to think twice! haha..


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